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show me the money
Okay fellow iquers you are at home when there a knock at the door you look out and there is that person ,just the mention of their name turns your stomach let alone the sight of them,but being the swell person you are you open the door anyways,and in their hand is a cashiers check for 1 million dollars with your name on it.The only thing you have to do to get this check is have sex with them.So tell us fellow iquers do you have sex with them or no way
| Closed on 03/27/13 at 05:00PM
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31%a. I'm in the money
0%b. yuck
6%c. gross
19%d. really captain
44%e. other

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#2 | 580 days ago

Im with Tiger...i can hate f**k the sh** out of someone for a million.
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#1 | 580 days ago

Face down a** up. Get in here.
#2 | 580 days ago

Im with Tiger...i can hate f**k the sh** out of someone for a million.
#3 | 580 days ago

#4 | 580 days ago

A million dollars? Hell you'd have to pay me to stop! I could go all night
I'm in the money  
#5 | 580 days ago

I'd do it for a million !!
#6 | 579 days ago

If you didn't call first, I don't open my door, so I'd miss out.
#7 | 579 days ago

if i'm being totally honest, i'd do it for $900
#8 | 579 days ago

well as i read the caption header 1 person came to mind- my kids mother,,,i always stated if we were the last 2 people on earth, mankind would be over, so I will lose out
really captain  
#9 | 579 days ago

No brainer. You can call me crazy, but with me getting a million bucks, it would probably be an international call.
#10 | 579 days ago

Pricey whores, but whores none the less.
#11 | 579 days ago

A million dollars doesn't go very far anymore, and even if it did I wouldn't do it.
#12 | 579 days ago

#13 | 579 days ago

I know a couple people who could fit in this category ( I can really get along with most people, but there are a couple who just fit that description of a Slinky...not very useful, but will still put a smile on your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.)

However, even though these days a million doesn't go as far as it use to (roughly $600,000 after taxes...see, the price to be whorish just dropped), that cashiers check in their hand looks just a bit too tempting to pass by.

And, what a great motivator it is to perform the act of hiding the body.
#14 | 579 days ago

i'm gonna leave this one alone.   too many variables, intangibles, etc etc.  my answer would get very ugly
#15 | 579 days ago

yes i could 
really captain  
#16 | 579 days ago

ms_hippie_queen wrote:
if i'm being totally honest, i'd do it for $900
I like how you turned this into a Price is Right game. Let me go ahead and be the 'one' everybody hates and bid, "ONE DOLLAR!"
#17 | 574 days ago
Nick__ (+)

Sure......there is another reason why Doggy Style is soo popular!

Also, I like Jason's answer!  yes
I'm in the money  

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