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Riddle me this...
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Yesterday, I was asked a riddle.  The answer I gave apparently did not match what was considered to be the correct answer. At least, not in the eyes of the asker. A minor debate ensued, which ended up with me being declared right by both sides, and then the debate evolved into a blend of Monty Python's Argument skit and a version of Calvinball.

The riddle was this:  What stands on one leg and has a heart in its head?

For this poll, please choose an answer from the choices below, or come up with one of your own. Remember, there are no wrong answers, but mine is correct.
| Closed on 04/11/13 at 05:00PM
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42%a. A cabbage
25%b. A mailbox with a valentine / love letter inside
33%c. Other

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#4 | 388 days ago

Now I am craving cole slaw.    crying
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#1 | 389 days ago

Cabbages don't have legs, unless you are thinking of the core...hmmm, are you going to give us the answer?
#2 | 389 days ago

A cabbage  
#3 | 388 days ago

do shrimp have legs?

I assume the answer is cabbage but I need to know what are considered legs on it?
#4 | 388 days ago

Now I am craving cole slaw.    crying
#5 | 388 days ago

#6 | 388 days ago

ms_hippie_queen wrote:
#7 | 388 days ago

A horny male amputee?  (shrug)
A mailbox with a valentine / love letter inside  
#8 | 388 days ago


Or something about it being a baby? Remember that one? HA!
#9 | 387 days ago

kobe_lova wrote: cute seahorses in love.

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