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Who Would Win a One on One Match up, Wilt Chamberlain or Shaquille O'Neal? (Edited 05/02/13 06:46PM by SusanVette)
Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal are the two most dominant forces of all time. Both were powerful players and great one on one players. That's why I want to know who would win a one on one match up. There are no other players, but these two on the court. It's half court by one's and two's. They would go to 21 and would not be playing make-it-take-it. A professional referee, who was an official for the Bad Boy Pistons (Just to make it interesting), would officiate. Who would win? 
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Players:  Shaq | Wilt Chamberlain
Tagged as:   One on One
Team Breakout:
8 Fans 
50%a. Wilt Chamberlain by 1-3 points
25%b. Wilt Chamberlain by 4-6 points
25%c. Wilt Chamberlain by 7-9 points
0%d. Wilt Chamberlain by 10+ points
0%e. Shaquille O'Neal by 1-3 points
0%f. Shaquille O'Neal by 4-6 points
0%g. Shaquille O'Neal by 7-9 points
0%h. Shaquille O'Neal by 10+ points
0%i. Tie

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