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My tolerence level is..........
okay fellow iquers I personally hate to go shopping ,grocery shopping sort of okay the rest I leave to the wife.So tell us fellow iquers on a scale of 1 to 10 how is your level of tolerence 1 being none at all and 10 being totally serene,and if you ain't a 10 how do you improve
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35%a. 1 to 3
6%b. 4 t 6
35%c. 7 to 9
6%d. I am a 10
18%e. other

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#1 | 575 days ago

on line shopping makes me 
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#1 | 575 days ago

on line shopping makes me 
#2 | 575 days ago

JenX63 wrote:
on line shopping makes me 
That's about the only way I shop anymore.
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#3 | 575 days ago

ZERO !!!!!   if I need something I buy.  I don't shop, browse, look, touch, feel, smell etc etc etc..    I go in and get what I want and get the hell out.   and if you are a fool who is blocking aisles by visiting someone you haven't seen since yesterday brace yourself. I will hurt your feelings.
#4 | 575 days ago

I am good with budgeting when I'm at a grocery store. But at the mall, I tend to go a little crazy and blow my paycheck on stuff I dont really need. I even got a shopping punch card at the Ed Hardy store, apparently they don't normally give those out. blush
#5 | 575 days ago

(Edited by kobe_lova)
This time of year (and early fall), Target in the afternoon makes me happy. Otherwise, meh.

*but I'm never an a**hole when shopping. I've very patient. I hate when people act stupid because they don't want to be there. There was an easy fix for that.
7 to 9  
#6 | 575 days ago
Nick__ (+)

I don't mind the act of shopping..............I loathe the people that are at the stores when I need to shop.  Move your damn cart out of the middle of the aisle!  Um, excuse me, you are NOT the only one in this store!  Shut that damn kid up! What's with all of the coupons at check out?   A check?  Who in the hell still writes checks! etc, etc, etc

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#7 | 575 days ago

i pull up the original sims game shopping music on my phone and go to another place in my head and i'm just fine
#8 | 575 days ago

With the exception of waiting on Metro to get home after work, nothing turns me into a more impatient ***hole than grocery shopping. Any time I'm in there more than 20 minutes, it's a failure. People are slow and need to get out of my way.
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#9 | 575 days ago

(Edited by ohwell_)
I know every floor plan of every Publix in a 10 square mile radius.  I grocery shop 6 days a week for work.  I can be in and out in less than 30 minutes no matter how long the list may be.  I keep a cooler in my car so I don't have to stop on my way home for our own stuff.  As long as I don't stop and BS with people, it's a breeze.

I hate the mall though.  I try and buy everything that is sold at a mall online .  Love EBAY.  I always check there first.
Don't forget to punch in coupon code search for whatever store you are using.  Save lots of shipping costs that way.
I am a 10  
#10 | 575 days ago

its my money!!!
7 to 9  
#11 | 574 days ago

I'm pretty calm when I go shopping for two reasons:
1. I know the other people out there are usually rude or stupid, and
2. I usually have a few beers to calm the anger.
7 to 9  
#12 | 574 days ago

about a 3.....when i go i KNOW what i want and need soooooooooo its get right in and get back home..............yes
#13 | 574 days ago

I try to fix it where I am totally broke most of the time, so shopping isn't much of an issue. I do online shopping, hit Home Depot, grocery stores, and gas stations.
#14 | 574 days ago

I either go grocery shopping early in the morning, or I hit Super Target after work.  Between 6:30 and 7pm I can get in and out of there in a hurry.
Any other times and doing most other shopping with a gaggle of other people, my tolerance is extremely low
#15 | 574 days ago

I like to look at the other people when shopping.  Wal Mart is famous for people walking around with their mouths open.  I go there to pick up some things because they're close to home and pretty reasonable (stuff like cat/dog food, printer ink, etc).
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#16 | 573 days ago

I would say about a 5- i usually know what I want, where it is and how much i am going to spend. My dislike is when people think they are the only one's in the store
#17 | 571 days ago

I would say that I am about 6 or seven range. I usually shop once a week for my daily needs and I usually bring a list with me so I can minimize my time most especially when I shop after office hours at weekends. I dislike some people who bring their kids that usually play around the store with their carts and sometimes they're noisy.    I keep them at attention by talking to them in a nice way.smiley
#18 | 570 days ago

Gotta go with -1..especially when your going through the cash and she/he asks, "Did you find everything you were lokking for and I reply with various answers like..."Uuum it`s a song by U2?" or "Why do I look confused?" or "No I didn`t, where`s the liquor aisle?"blush
#19 | 570 days ago

I'm usually in my zen zone when I'm shopping, unless there is some fool in the express lane with too many items.

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