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Manchester United Outsatnding Players 2012-2013 (Edited 03/28/13 03:08PM by levinila)
With a slow start of the season, we were not sure how far we would come considering the challenge of unending injuries. Now we have seen tremendous dedication amongst the players and so far we are proud to support this team. We therefore recogbize the joint effort of the team. In this effort we have seen outstanding players in the season and we want to recognize them. So invite as many as possible to take part and let us give this giants a special recognition for making us proud.
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Teams:  Manchester United
Team Breakout:
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 1. Is De Gea the best goalkeeper in the team this season? (0 points)
100%a. Yes
0%b. No
0%c. I am not sure
0%d. I have no idea
 2. Who has been outstanding in defense this season? (0 points)
0%a. Rio Ferdinand
100%b. Jonny Evans
0%c. Chris Smalling
0%d. Nemanja Vidic
0%e. Patrice Evra
0%f. Butner
0%g. Rafael
0%h. Jones
 3. Who has been outstanding in the mid-field? (0 points)
100%a. Carrick
0%b. Cleverly
0%c. Giggs
0%d. Young
0%e. Nani
0%f. Anderson
0%g. Valencia
0%h. Scholes
 4. Who has been outstanding in the attack (0 points)
100%a. Van Persie
0%b. Rooney
0%c. Welbeck
0%d. Hernandez
 5. Who is the most outstanding player in Manchester United this Season? (0 points)
0%a. Rooney
0%b. Van Persie
0%c. Hernandez
0%d. Welbeck
0%e. Evra
0%f. Vidic
0%g. Evans
100%h. Rafael
 6. Who is the most improved player of the season? (0 points)
100%a. Nani
0%b. Young
0%c. Rafael
0%d. Smalling
0%e. Vidic
0%f. Anderson

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