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***2013 Seattle Mariners Team Stats***
***2013 Seattle Mariners Team Stats*** Photo***2013 Seattle Mariners Team Stats*** Photo***2013 Seattle Mariners Team Stats*** Photo

The Seattle Mariners gear up for the upcoming 2013 MLB Season. Last year they were met yet again with disappointment of another losing season but with improvement from the season before. Hopefully this year, Seattle will play with a new found enthusiasm so that we may be able to fight for the division, especially with the Houston Astros added to the mix. We brought in some bats in Jason Bay, Returning Raul Ibanez & Mike Morse, and trading lefty Jason Vargas for Kendrys Morales. The youngsters are still trying to fulfill their destiny and the "Big 3" just got bypassed to the majors by their fourth wheel, in Brandon Maurer. We missed out on the Hamilton and Upton Sweepstakes, but I'll take it with a grain of salt. M's have kept with their plan and have had some sacrificial lambs for the sake of our youngsters. I just hope it will all pan out for the best. This prediction poll will highlight who will hopefully have an breakout year or maybe more in many offensive and pitching statistical categories.

Select who you think will do the best.
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Teams:  Seattle Mariners
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer6 Fans 
  1. Team leader in hits? (10 points)
33%a. Mike Morse
0%b. Jesus Montero
33%c. Dustin Ackley
17%d. Kyle Seager
Correct17%e. Other Mariner
  2. Team leader in RBI's? (10 points)
17%a. Jesus Montero
0%b. Kyle Seager
50%c. Mike Morse
Correct33%d. Kendrys Morales
0%e. Michael Saunders
0%f. Other Mariner
  3. Team leader in HR's (10 points)
0%a. Jesus Montero
50%b. Mike Morse
50%c. Kendrys Morales
0%d. Kyle Seager
Correct0%e. Other Mariner
  4. Team leader in doubles+triples? (10 points)
17%a. Michael Saunders
Correct33%b. Kyle Seager
17%c. Dustin Ackley
17%d. Mike Morse
Correct17%e. Other Mariner
  5. Highest Bating Average? (10 points)
33%a. Mike Morse
33%b. Dustin Ackley
0%c. Kyle Seager
0%d. Michael Saunders
17%e. Jesus Montero
Correct17%f. Othe Mariner
  6. Team Starting Pitcher ERA leader? (10 points)
100%a. Felix Hernandez
0%b. Joe Saunders
Correct0%c. Hisashi Iwakuma
0%d. Blake Beavan
0%e. Brandon Maurer
0%f. Erasmo Ramirez
0%g. Other Mariner Starter
  7. Team leader in saves+wins other than closer? (10 points)
17%a. Lucas Luetge
33%b. Kameron Loe
17%c. Carter Capps
17%d. Charlie Furbush
0%e. Stephen Pryor
Correct0%f. Oliver Perez
Correct17%g. Other Mariner
  8. Team leader in wins? (10 points)
100%a. Felix Hernandez
0%b. Joe Saunders
0%c. Kevin Millwood
0%d. Brandon Maurer
0%e. Blake Beavan
Correct0%f. Other Mariner
  Tiebreaker: Win total for the Seattle Mariners in the 2013 Season?
Correct 71

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