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My favorite was
Okay fellow iquers I surely wasn't a great student but did do well in a few subjects and of course had my favorite teachers,so tell us fellow iquers what was your best subject in school, and who was your favorite teacher or teachers and why
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25%a. this one
13%b. that one
13%c. I aced them all
0%d. I was a second grade dropout
25%e. ask k teacher she would know
25%f. other

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#1 | 570 days ago

History and civics.   And my favorite teacher was my kindergarten and 3rd grade teacher, who happened to be the same woman, Mrs. Kroft.   heart
I aced them all  
#2 | 570 days ago
Nick__ (+)

Math and Psychology

My favorite teacher was my 1st Grade Teacher (Miss Parsons)....I guess I started young with falling for older women.
ask k teacher she would know  
#3 | 570 days ago

My best subjects were Math & Geography / History

My favorite teacher was my 8th grade english teacher, because I know deep down ... the rest of this is a coc violation so I'll stop right here
#4 | 570 days ago

History and Government.  Loved the research, sure would have been easier with computers like kids have it now.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Hamill/government.  He was near sighted and couldn't see what we were doing in class.
#5 | 570 days ago

Anything English related; English Lit, Advanced Composition, Journalism, Business English...I hated anything Math or Science, but I ended up doing very well in those once I went to college.

My favorite teacher was my English Lit and Advanced Composition teacher, Mrs. Harter. I actually still talk with her on Facebook occasionally. She was tough and challenged us; made us work. She was also very caring and kind of free spirited. She was really cool with us on some things, such as what we listened to in class (she actually introduced us to Sir Mix-A-Lot when they released Seminar, a band named Gorky Park, and also Grieg, George Winston, and Tchaikovsky) and she introduced us to alternative ways of studying. I did not, however, like her husband. He was the Health teacher and he was all of the toughness without the coolness. Ugh.
#6 | 570 days ago

(Edited by AlwaysSunshine)
My favorite class was Aglebra I (see "favorite teacher' section).  My favorite subjects are English lit and History.
Coach Grant (football coach) was my favorite teacher.  We had party days on Fridays during football season...we played math games and relaxed, ordered pizza, etc.  I had him during lunch period, which was when the football players came in to pick up play books.  That was a bonus in and of itself.  We worked like hell the rest of the week, and if he could sense math anxiety or test anxiety, he'd give opportunity to rework problems for those of us who did well on homework, etc.  He was a real class act.  He passed away a few years ago and, even though I was 30 minutes early to the funeral, I got the last chair in THE WHOLE FUNERAL HOME.
#7 | 570 days ago

My football coach was my favorite teacher. His class was history, so I guess that was it.

This would have been my favorite teacher.

#8 | 569 days ago

Football coach, if you played football that meant automatic A. My senior year, I had him for 4 of my 6 classes.
this one  
#9 | 569 days ago

favorite class was HOME ECONOMICS.......we got to eat what we cooked which sometimes was taking a
#10 | 569 days ago

My favaorite was English and History and believe it or not, my worst teacher was my MOTHER- I went to the school she worked in--100's of fights owithkids taking out on me what she did to them,argghhhhh,,my favorite was 10th grade Math teacher--- Grace Munnuccia----damn she had a figure that had the whole school mesmerized
#11 | 569 days ago

I liked math all the way up to 11th grade. my favorite teacher was in High School U.S. History . his name was Mr. Lavoy and he was hilarious. Kept the class fun.
this one  
#12 | 569 days ago

I loved history and music classes.  My favorite teacher was my choir teacher in 7th thru 9th grade Mrs. Lynn Branford.  Nicest person I ever met.  The entire school and their parents seemed like it showed up to her house the day her and her husband finally were able to have a child after trying and failing for so many years.  Kevin became a regular fixture on the bus whenever we went out of town to perform.
that one  
#13 | 563 days ago

(Edited by HULL_17)
World History, Choir, & Art

My favorite teacher, well actually it was teachers

Mrs. Brietzke she was my fourth grade teacher who made learning so much fun

Mr. Phelps my art teacher from 7-12 grade. I LOVE ART

Mr. Hopp for world history he made it so much fun. to learn & remember the material we'd do plays, word searches, watched movies, and even made art

& lastly but not least

My choir teacher Mr. Mills he's the one who got us to sing at Disney world (which everone is in Orlando) he made choir so much fun & exciting. 

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