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And the Oscar goes to............BACON!

And the Oscar goes to............BACON! Photo

Replace one word in a Movie Title with BACON!

EXAMPLE:  Harry Potter and Half BACON Prince

| Closed on 05/10/13 at 05:00PM
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105.751. And the Oscar goes to............BACON!

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#14 | 476 days ago

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#1 | 476 days ago

One flew over the bacon's nest! Well...that's stupid because why would you fly over it? You gotta go get it....unless it "Bacon's Nest: as in Kevin. Let's go with that one.

Final Answer: One Flew Over the Bacon's Nest.
#2 | 476 days ago

Top Bacon!
Bacon Gun!
#3 | 476 days ago

Bacon Just Wants to Have Fun
Bacon's Just Not That In To You
When a Man Loves a Piece of Bacon
#4 | 476 days ago
Nick__ (+)

An Officer and a BACON
Stop or my BACON will Shoot
How to lose BACON in 10 Days
Gone with the BACON
The Good, The Bad and the BACON
#5 | 476 days ago

Bacon N the Hood
#6 | 476 days ago

Lucky Number Bacon
The Bacon Getaway
We Bought a Bacon
The Boondock Bacons
Men Who Stare at Bacon
#7 | 476 days ago

there's something about bacon
dr. strangelove or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the bacon
das bacon
good bacon hunting
blackbeard's bacon
blazing bacon
#8 | 476 days ago

(Edited by kteacher)
Gone with the Bacon
Pretty in Bacon
The Little Bacon
Bacon Unchained
Les Bacon
#9 | 476 days ago

(Edited by WISAC1)
The Bacon Identity,  The Bacon Ultimatum, The Bacon Supremacy,  Bacon (Taken),  Full Bacon Jacket,  Bend it Like Bacon,  The Bacon Whisperer,  Oceans Bacon,  National Lampoons Christmas Bacon,  Field of Bacon.
#10 | 476 days ago

Canadian Bacon is now Bacon Bacon
#11 | 476 days ago
Nick__ (+)

Debbie Does BACON
Cheech & Chong's Up in BACON
Schindlers BACON
The BACON Strikes Back
The Silence of the BACON
Raiders of the Lost BACON
#12 | 476 days ago

50 First Bacon
Bacon Gilmore
The Outlaw Josie Bacon
The Dark Bacon
Bacon and the Hendersons
#13 | 476 days ago

Monty Python and the Holy Bacon!
#14 | 476 days ago

#15 | 476 days ago

(Edited by JenX63)
Lord of the Bacons
The Life of Bacon
Bacon in Wonderland
Bacon Forever After
How to train your Bacon
Despicable Bacon
Bacon Island
The Social Bacon
Clash of the Bacons
#16 | 476 days ago

kteacher wrote:
Gone with the Bacon
Pretty in Bacon
The Little Bacon
Bacon Unchained
Les Bacon
I'd watch some Bacon Unchained!
#17 | 476 days ago

Varsity Bacon

Who can ever forget Billy Bob asking what do you mean is it a boy or a girl?  Look at the size of that sausage!
#18 | 476 days ago

The Bacon Redemption
#19 | 476 days ago

Indecent Bacon (ooh la la)
#20 | 476 days ago

island of the blue bacon
pride and bacon
million dollar bacon
natural born bacon
bacon hand luke
dances with bacon
bacon II
#21 | 476 days ago

a Bacon is Born,     The Wizard of Bacon,  Angels and Bacon,  The DaVinci  Bacon, My Big Fat Greek Bacon,  Bacon of Our Fathers,  The Devil Wears Bacon
#22 | 476 days ago

Bacon III

I'm clearly running out of these and just getting lazy. Especially considering how much better Bacon IV was. I refuse to talk about V & VI, because no.
#23 | 476 days ago

romancing the bacon bacon by me pretty bacon flight of the bacon only bacon the bacon vanishes what's up tiger bacon?
#24 | 475 days ago

Gone With the Bacon
Bacon Story
Bacon Now
Ragin' Bacon
Bacon Club
#25 | 475 days ago
Sharp Square (sid) profile photo

(Edited by Sharp Square)

Donnie Bacon

Bacon Games

Oh Bacon Where art Thou

Star Bacon

Bacon Business

Jurassic Bacon

Leathal Bacon

Universal Bacon

Bacon in Black 

and im done cool
#26 | 475 days ago

some might be repeats..but here it goes..
Bacon Begins
Batman..The Dark Bacon Rises
James Bond: Bacon Royale
Blazin' Bacon
My Big Fat Greek Bacon
The Bacon Mile
The Bacon Redemption
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Bacon
#27 | 462 days ago

The Bacon of the Nile
Fast Times @ Bacon High
True Bacon
#28 | 451 days ago

Bacon with a slam dunk..
Bacon for a long three.... yessssss

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