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Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers - 4/19/13
Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers - 4/19/13 Photo  Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers - 4/19/13 Photo

** If A Player Doesn't Play, His Replacement's Stats Will Be Used...**
Scored by Dream_Machine on 04/20/13 at 10:14AM | Closed on 04/19/13 at 08:15PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | MLB | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Texas Rangers | Seattle Mariners
Players:  Joe Saunders | Nick Tepesch
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer11 Fans 
  1. Who will get the win for the game? (10 points)
0%a. Joe Saunders (1-1, 2.08)
0%b. Capps/ LaFromboise/ Perez
0%c. Other Mariners Pitcher
Correct91%d. Yu Darvish (2-1, 2.75)
0%e. Ross/ Lowe/ Ortiz
9%f. Other Rangers Pitcher
  2. How many total home runs will be hit in this game? (10 points)
0%a. 0
Correct0%b. 1
73%c. 2
18%d. 3
9%e. 4
0%f. 5+
  3. Which of these players will have the most hits of these players in the game? (10 points)
0%a. Endy Chavez (SEA)
0%b. Brandon Ryan (SEA)
0%c. Dustin Ackley (SEA)
Correct9%d. Kyle Seager (SEA)
Correct27%e. Nelson Cruz (TEX)
Correct36%f. Ian Kinsler (TEX)
Correct18%g. Adrian Beltre (TEX)
Correct9%h. A.J. Pierzynski (TEX)
  4. Which pitcher lasts out on the mound longer? (10 points)
0%a. Joe Saunders
Correct100%b. Yu Darvish
  5. Which team has the most hits? (10 points)
0%a. Seattle Mariners
Correct100%b. Texas Rangers
  6. Does any player get hit by a pitch? (10 points)
Correct9%a. Yes
91%b. No
  7. Which team has the most errors? (10 points)
Correct91%a. Seattle Mariners
Correct9%b. Texas Rangers
  8. Which team will have more runners left on base (LOB)? (10 points)
Correct45%a. Seattle Mariners
55%b. Texas Rangers
  Tiebreaker: How many total pitchers will pitch in this game?
Correct 5

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