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Green Light Special (Edited 05/10/13 03:29PM by marcus_nyce)
Simple game, you know the drill.

Real TV show coming this fall -or- completely made up crap. (that would probably get green lit anyway)

1. BELIEVE: An extraordinary and unusual relationship forms between a mysterious 10-year-old girl with psychic abilities and a wrongfully imprisoned death row inmate who is assigned to protect her from those who would do her harm. 

2. SOUL, KOREA: A young Detective from Korea, obsessed with American hip hop culture, is paired with an experienced African American Sergeant, counting down the days to his retirement, to solve the murder of a foreign exchange student in San Francisco.

3. CRISIS: An international plot to bring everyone from CEOs to the President of the United States to their knees by threatening the thing that they hold most dear in life: their children, who are taken hostage during a field trip.

4. ENLISTED: Three brothers in the military get to know one another as adults, with comical results, when they are assigned to take care of a small Florida Army base, specifically to watch over the families of the soliders who are deployed overseas.

5. THE AGENCY: (From the creators of "Entourage") A spin-off of Ari Gold's talent agency as it expands into athlete representation focussing on the L.A. based team's #1 overall pick (based loosely on Blake Griffin) and his three lifelong friends.

6. UNDATEABLE: The story revolves around a charismatic, womanizing slacker who takes in a new roommate to pay the bills. The new roommate is a nice guy who happens to be completely inept with women, as are his group of nerdy friends.
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25 Fans 
 1. BELIEVE (0 points)
76%a. Real
24%b. Fake
 2. SOUL, KOREA (0 points)
32%a. Real
68%b. Fake
 3. CRISIS (0 points)
64%a. Real
36%b. Fake
 4. ENLISTED (0 points)
80%a. Real
20%b. Fake
 5. THE AGENCY (0 points)
52%a. Real
48%b. Fake
 6. UNDATEABLE (0 points)
64%a. Real
36%b. Fake

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