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MLB*Chasing Joe D*The FanIq Hitting Streak*5/23

MLB*Chasing Joe D*The FanIq Hitting Streak*5/23 Photo

The rules:
  • Pick a player that you think will get a hit for that day
  • If you choose a player and he does not play your streak will carry-over, 1 official AB qualifies a player
  • If you miss a day, your streak is over
  • I will use random players each day
  • If none of the listed players gets a hit all streaks continue and will be carried over to the next day's poll 
  • Are you lucky enough to catch Joe D??!!! (I doubt it, but one can dream) GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY
  • If you'd like to see a player featured in the Streak poll leave his name in the comment box MLB*Chasing Joe D*The FanIq Hitting Streak*5/23 Photo
             Last years winner was maroon&gold4eve with 20

MLB*Chasing Joe D*The FanIq Hitting Streak*5/23 Photo


Longest streak to date: huskerdoug2009 -13

 Paul Goldschmidt & Elvis Andrus had a hit on the 5/19 poll

 Hunter Pence & Josh Donaldson  did not

Edwin Encarnacion did not play, anyone who chose him will have their streak carry-over

Current streaks as of 5/19:

hotz47 -7

Dream_Machine -6

JenX63 -4
maroon&gold4eve -4
orangemen90 -4

Marquise -3
hskrdave -3
cubfanbudman -3
Burrellfan1 -3

the_wolverine -1

Scored by Michael_G on 05/24/13 at 01:47PM | Closed on 05/23/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 3 | MLB, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Baltimore Orioles | Kansas City Royals | Los Angeles Angels | Boston Red Sox  | Cleveland Indians | Toronto Blue Jays
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer22 Fans 
  1. Who Gets a Hit (10 points)
Correct45%a. Mike Trout (@ Royals)
23%b. Billy Butler (vs. Angels)
14%c. Jose Bautista (vs. Orioles)
Correct14%d. Michael Bourn (@ Red Sox)
5%e. Will Middlebrooks (vs. Indians)
  2. How many hits for the 5 hitters combined (10 points)
0%a. 0-2
0%b. 3
0%c. 4
Correct55%d. 5
32%e. 6
9%f. 7
5%g. 8
0%h. 9+
  3. Which is the highest scoring game (10 points)
9%a. Angels @ Royals
Correct68%b. Orioles @ Blue Jays
23%c. Indians @ Red Sox
  Tiebreaker: Total number of runs scored in the 3 games in question 3
Correct 42

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#1 | 527 days ago

I'm nearing my crash & burn number indecision
1. Billy Butler (vs. Angels)  2. 8  3. Indians @ Red Sox  

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