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Being Tom Hanks
And we're back!

Being Tom Hanks PhotoOkay, I figured since the Kevin Costner debacle (he's more popular around these parts than I expected), I would offer an olive branch. I LOVE Tom Hanks. I've loved him since Splash. However, I also know that there are people out there who find him "meh" and think pretty much anyone could play most of his characters. I can kind of understand where they're coming from because I believe the mark of truly great acting is when they become the character they're playing; I forget I'm watching that specific actor and just enjoy the character. I don't often do that with Hanks. (This is why I'll probably never do one of these for Johnny Depp.)

So let's play our "Being" game with one of my favorites. Recast Tom Hanks with anyone else in anything he's been in. Maybe you think someone else would be just is good or better, or maybe you just want to see a different perspective. I'm not sure if voices in cartoons work in this scenario, but if that's what strikes your fancy then who am I to say? 

Just pick a movie (or one of his television characters) and recast. If the one you want isn't here, use it anyway!

Bosom Buddies
Family Ties (Uncle Ned)
Bachelor Party
The Man with One Red Shoe
The Money Pit
Nothing in Common
The 'Burbs
Turner & Hooch
Joe Versus the Volcano
A League of Their Own
Sleepless in Seattle
Forrest Gump
Apollo 13
That Thing You Do!
Saving Private Ryan
You've Got Mail
The Green Mile
Cast Away
Road to Perdition
Catch Me If You Can
Freedom: A History of Us (various characters)
The Ladykillers
The Da Vinci Code/Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon)
Larry Crowne
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Get it? Go!

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