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Walking Dead Trivia
Walking Dead Trivia PhotoI love this show. 
| Closed on 07/25/13 at 05:00PM
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 1. What's the name of the officer that Rick shoots outside the police station? (0 points)
25%a. Dwayne Goode
0%b. Kenneth Hall
50%c. Leon Bassett
8%d. Norm McClelland
17%e. umm
 2. How many times does Rick travel to Atlanta throughout Season 1? (0 points)
0%a. 1
25%b. 2
50%c. 3
8%d. 4
17%e. umm
 3. What do the survivors theorize most attracts walkers to humans? (0 points)
0%a. Heat
8%b. Movement
67%c. Smell
8%d. Speech
17%e. umm
 4. Who is the leader of the survivors living in a nursing home in Atlanta? (0 points)
8%a. Abuela
8%b. Felipe
33%c. Guilermo
33%d. Miguel
17%e. umm
 5. Which of the following characters dies and then returns as a walker in Season 1? (0 points)
67%a. Amy
0%b. Ed
8%c. Jacqui
0%d. Jim
25%e. umm
 6. What possibility does Jenner NOT offer about the walker disease's origin? (0 points)
17%a. Microbial
17%b. Viral
0%c. Parasitic
50%d. Wrath of God
17%e. umm