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Jess's Daily Q - 7/3/13
Question of the Day:
This actually was inspired by the F/E conversation. I may have used this one before, but I don't remember your answers so...when you're cooking, what's your specialty?
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#1 | 392 days ago

Hmm... I make a mean grilled cheese. :)

Per request? Mac and cheese and collards.

Oh, and apparently my parents think I was born to fry sh** for them, esp chicken, and I rarely fry anything at home :/
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#1 | 392 days ago

Hmm... I make a mean grilled cheese. :)

Per request? Mac and cheese and collards.

Oh, and apparently my parents think I was born to fry sh** for them, esp chicken, and I rarely fry anything at home :/
#2 | 392 days ago

#3 | 392 days ago

(Edited by AlwaysSunshine)
I get a lot of requests for spinach lasagna bechamel.  A particular person in my life requests a to go box if I make it and he can't be there to eat it.  It's better the 2nd day.

But if everyone thinks their lasagna is good, then the back up is strawberry rhubarb pie.
#4 | 392 days ago

I do Italian pretty good. An Ex taught me how to make my own sauces etc. I like to experiment with pizzas too (Greasy, meaty Napolitans or GTFO) because I hate the chain restaurants.
#5 | 392 days ago

Stuffed green peppers and stuffed portobella mushrooms.
#6 | 392 days ago

#7 | 392 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
My lasagna is pretty popular but I've been told recently that everybody thinks their own lasagna is the best so maybe I'm delusional. 

My Italian meatball subs are pretty delish. 

Actually anything I make with marinara, meat sauce, or bolognese. 

Enchiladas - yum

I get a lot of requests for oven fried chicken, creamy baked chicken, or stuffed pork chops.

And everyone who ever invites me to a party wants me to bring my salsa. I love it too - but I have friends who will eat it straight out of the bowl with a spoon.

Edit - whoops - I chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods.
#8 | 392 days ago

My go to is chicken alfredo or a stuffed pork loin.. mm mmmm bitch
#9 | 392 days ago
Nick__ (+)

home made Salsa
home made Spaghetti Sauce
home made corn caserole
Rigatoni noodles with mushrooms, sausage, spinach and pine nuts in a garlic butter sauce
home made italian potatoes
I also love to bake cool, but my specialty is my upside down pineapple dump cake.
#10 | 392 days ago
Sharp Square (sid) profile photo

learned to make these two from a sensational cajun cook and i have quite a good hand at making em myself now. 

Catfish Courtbouillion
Alligator Sauce Piquant

#11 | 392 days ago

Chicken enchiladas
Chile Verde
#12 | 392 days ago

My sisters used to think my spaghetti was awesome, but they were younger and have no taste. No one else in their right mind would ask me to cook anything.
#13 | 392 days ago

Turkey wings in mushroom gravy and thanks Doug for tonight's dinner menu
#14 | 392 days ago

Hmmm, I am not sure if I have a specialty...I am the cooker in my family, ( i really do enjoy it) but when gathering I always get requests for my homemade salads (Potato, pasta, macaroni), homemade taquitos, and enchilada pie...
#15 | 391 days ago

Boneless BBQ. Meat & Mushroom Kabobs.
#16 | 390 days ago

Eggplant  parmesan  (from the garden)                                                                                                                                                   Grilled cheese with bacon                                                                                                                                                               Green bean   stuffing                                                                                                                                                                                         

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