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Faniq or Facebook?

Faniq or Facebook?
Hello again.Any one remembers me here?
Almost 3 year ago I left Faniq for Facebook
There I pour a lot of my energy, time and love
in some pages and groups.Those who know me
know that I cant be some where and be indifferent
to what goes on,So I did my best in Facebook to make
a difference there too.But what I received in reverse was not
love and care and kindness but it was hate and  
rage and unkindness.
So I am here again just to tell all of you no matter if you are new
or one of my good old friends of those good old times
that I spend in Faniq:
 That you are great people and lovely humans and the time that
I spend with you here was the best times of my life.
I am here to thank all of those who gave me such lovely
memories that I will carry within me as long as I AM ALIVE.
I am here to tell you that I will never forget those good old days
and those good old friends of mine and more than that I am here to say:


I will always love you
| Closed on 10/05/13 at 05:00PM
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42%a. Faniq
17%b. Face book
17%c. Other( just for beaneaters)
25%d. Wink

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#3 | 437 days ago

glad you are back yes   FACEBOOK SUCKS
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#1 | 437 days ago
Nick__ (+)


Is everything ok? indecision
#2 | 437 days ago

Welcome back..
#3 | 437 days ago

glad you are back yes   FACEBOOK SUCKS
#4 | 437 days ago

Most people on facebook are just full of vile and venom.  I did find out though, that I got 1,000 requests to be people's friends on Farmville, even though I have never played it.wink
#5 | 437 days ago

#6 | 437 days ago

Welcome back, Nader! I get to enjoy your posts in both places :)

Personally, of course I prefer FanIQ over Facebook. Unfortunately I've gotten myself into a situation where FB is the only way I have to keep in touch with friends I've made in different places we've lived - as much as we move around it seems to be the best option. However, I really actually don't like Facebook all that much and spend a lot less time there than I do here (and on twitter). 
#7 | 437 days ago

(Edited by Kenne)
I prefer Facebook as my #1 site, because it's how I get pictures of my relatives and keep up with my close friends, including setting up event invites for parties, it's also helped me get stuff done by asking my friends for help with something or vice versa. As far as sports news and discussion goes, I choose FanIQ over any other sports site.

Nice to see you back Nader cool
Face book  
#8 | 436 days ago

Welcome back Nader (again) my apologies for experience in FB but you are a survivor and this too shall pass. The answer to your poll is FANIQ,,,,, all may not get along but there is enough things on this site where a few things can be overlooked and not make a difference to your enjoyment. Keep doing what your doing!!!
#9 | 428 days ago

I would have said FanIQ a few years ago. But that was when people came and participated here.
Face book  
#10 | 426 days ago

Nader!  So good to see you here even though we keep in touch via email. Those were some great times back then. I have many wonderful memories. I don't do the Facebook thing. I SEE friends and TALK to them when I want to.  

NICE to see your post. You ought to come back and STAY AWHILE.  Big hugs my friend. 
#11 | 402 days ago

Thanks all.I had really great times here .coolheartkiss
#12 | 400 days ago

I used to enjoy Facebook because alot of my family is on there and I can keep updated. Unfortunately getting involved in Farmville (because I love playing, I mean herding sheep) got too confusing, then Farmtown, then Farm City, then Farm Chicken Ranch(my fav). I just couldn`t keep up even when I took every other day off work to catch up!

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