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What does the first round of your 10 man NFL fantasy league look like? (Edited 07/09/13 02:37PM by jtm25)
If you were to control and run your own fantasy draft/mock draft then how would your first round go... The number represented here, example: Adrian Peterson (MIN/5) RB, indicates the players bye week!
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Team Breakout:
Rank6 FansAvg (1st)
1.Adrian Peterson (MIN/5) RB6.5 (2)
2.Arian Foster (HOU/8) RB6.5 (1)
3.Calvin Johnson (DET/9) WR5.7
4.Doug Martin (TB/5) RB5.5 (2)
5.Jamaal Charles (KC/10) RB4.7
6.Marshawn Lynch (SEA/12) RB4.2
7.Ray Rice (BAL/8) RB4.2
8.Drew Brees (NO/7) QB3.0 (1)
9.Jimmy Graham (NO/7) TE2.8
10.Demaryius Thomas (DEN/9) WR2.0
Also receiving votes:LeSean McCoy (PHI/12) RB1.8
Alfred Morris (WAS/5) RB1.7
Aaron Rodgers (GB/4) QB1.3
Stevan Ridley (NE/10) RB1.2
A.J. Green (CIN/12) WR1.2
C.J. Spiller (BUF/12) RB1.0
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI/9) WR0.8
Trent Richardson (CLE/10) RB0.8
Other (comment below)0.5
Julio Jones (ATL/6) WR0.3
Other (comment below)0.3
Brandon Marshall (CHI/8) WR0.3
Dez Bryant (DAL/11) WR0.2
Other (comment below)0.2

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#1 | 428 days ago

(Edited by STLCardinalsFan)
Very interesting poll..I enjoyed projecting the top ten...My top 10 was much different than others...its interesting to see what kind of value others are placing on certain guys...I still wouldn't draft a WR #1...#1 pick should always be the best RB in my opinion, I had Doug Martin going #1...He is the RB of the future for this league IMO
1. Doug Martin (TB/5) RB  2. Adrian Peterson (MIN/5) RB  3. Arian Foster (HOU/8) RB  4. Aaron Rodgers (GB/4) QB  5. Ray Rice (BAL/8) RB  6. Calvin Johnson (DET/9) WR  7. Drew Brees (NO/7) QB  8. A.J. Green (CIN/12) WR  9. Marshawn Lynch (SEA/12) RB  10. LeSean McCoy (PHI/12) RB  
#2 | 423 days ago

RB;s all day every day in the first round!!!
1. Adrian Peterson (MIN/5) RB  2. Arian Foster (HOU/8) RB  3. Ray Rice (BAL/8) RB  4. Marshawn Lynch (SEA/12) RB  5. Doug Martin (TB/5) RB  6. C.J. Spiller (BUF/12) RB  7. Jamaal Charles (KC/10) RB  8. Alfred Morris (WAS/5) RB  9. Stevan Ridley (NE/10) RB  10. Trent Richardson (CLE/10) RB  

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