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Kyra/Kevin bacon poll 7/15
Today's poll Is combined due to time constraints and laziness on my partKyra/Kevin bacon poll 7/15 Photo  For a movie involving Kyra Sedgwick I give you Dennis Quaid for his role alongside Kyra in "Something to talk about."  For Kevin Bacon, I give you John Lithgow from "Footloose"
| Closed on 08/15/13 at 05:00PM
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 1. Favorite Dennis Quaid movie (0 points)
33%a. The Rookie
11%b. D.O.A
11%c. Great Balls of Fire
0%d. Breaking Away
44%e. other
 2. Favorite John Lithgow movie (0 points)
11%a. Terms of Endearment
0%b. Twilight Zone:the movie
44%c. Harry and the Hendersons
22%d. Ricochet
22%e. other