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South Carolina High School Football-Predict the 2013 finish of Region 3-AAAA
 2013 Region 3-AAAA as mandated by the SCHSL.

Clover Blue Eagles

Fort Mill Yellow Jackets

Lancaster Bruins

Nation Ford Falcons

Northwestern Trojans

Rock Hill Bearcats

South Pointe Stallions

York Cougars

Tie Breakers:
1) Playoff Seeding
2) Head to Head
3) Overall Record
4) Most points scored
Scored by maroon&gold4eve on 11/09/13 at 10:54PM | Closed on 08/23/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | HS Football, South Carolina*, South Carolina* | Prediction List
Teams:  South Carolina*
Team Breakout:
RankCorrect Answer9 FansPts
1.Northwestern TrojansNorthwestern Trojans2.5
2.South Pointe StallionsSouth Pointe Stallions2.5
3.York CougarsYork Cougars2.0
4.Nation Ford FalconsRock Hill Bearcats1.8
5.Rock Hill BearcatsNation Ford Falcons2.0
6.Fort Mill Yellow JacketsClover Blue Eagles1.8
7.Clover Blue EaglesFort Mill Yellow Jackets1.6
8.Lancaster BruinsLancaster Bruins2.3

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