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F/E 8/19
Welcome back. This is the part of the locker room where you can sit and chat and chill for a while without offending or being shushed. Maybe you wanna watch a dvd or listen to your mp3. Yes, I rhymed. Something on your mind, post it! Random question, ask it? Hijacking is allowed and encouraged. Join the party, troll around, have a beer. It's cool. All are welcome, but please leave all BS in the hall. 

i have been dyingto tell y'all this sincethursday night but i was too busy actually working on friday! i saw the weirdest thing! ok.

a couple years ago, i ran into thishappening:

yep. those are lizards "doin it." well, on thursday i was gazing out the livingroom window and in the evenings, lizards hang out like crazy on the screens on the outside of the windows. then i saw it, right at eye level, two lizards were right in my face making babies. except i was seeing through the window, so i had the underneath view!! that's gotta be something few outside of interested scientists ever see. andi've had this stuckin my head since friday morning
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0%a. see you in the world series, bitches - love, astros
0%b. see you in the superboat, bitches - love, texans
0%c. see you in the finals, bitches - love, rockets
11%d. see you in the cup, bitches - love, dynamo
11%e. see you at krogers, bitches - love, skeeters
22%f. shirley temple
56%g. beanie baby