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I will take my pigskin 50 degrees and sunny
On the bus today, I heard the driver and a young woman discussing how today's weather is "Perfect" for tomorrow's football game and this got me thinking.  So today's poll involves your perfect forecast for football and whether or not it's changed as you have gotten older.  This poll is based towards your views from a fan's perspective and not for those of you who played at either high school/collegiate level.
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 1. What is your perfect temperature to watch a live football game in? (0 points)
0%a. Under 30 degrees
20%b. 31-49 degrees
40%c. 50-65 degrees
40%d. 66-75 degrees
0%e. 76 degrees or higher
0%f. other(please explain)
 2. Has your perfect football temperature changed as you have gotten older (0 points)
100%a. No
0%b. Yes I like cooler weather now
0%c. Yes I like hot weather better
0%d. other(please explain)

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#1 | 399 days ago

Some of my friends as they have gotten older, say that warmer weather makes them feel better and they won't go sit at a game if it's to cold because they are simply miserable.  I love the game so much, that I will sit in any temperature as long as the game is worth watching.  I for one am hoping that the temps are cold and that their is some moisture in the air for the Super Bowl this year.   
1. 50-65 degrees  2. No   
#2 | 398 days ago

I am usually miserable around here in August.  It was nice today (60's to low 70's), but I would love it a little cooler.
1. 50-65 degrees  2. No   

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