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NFL Prediction Poll - Week 4
Predict the following questions for week 4 of the NFL season

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Scored by Scott on 09/30/13 at 11:52AM | Closed on 09/29/13 at 01:00PM
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  1. Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans - Which team wins this game (6 points)
0%a. Hawks by 16+
12%b. Hawks by 11-15
24%c. Hawks by 6-10
Correct6%d. Hawks by 1-5
35%e. Texans by 1-5
24%f. Texans by 6-10
0%g. Texans by 11-15
0%h. Texans by 16+
  2. Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
0%a. Bears by 16+
12%b. Bears by 11-15
41%c. Bears by 6-10
12%d. Bears by 1-5
6%e. Lions by 1-5
Correct29%f. Lions by 6-10
0%g. Lions by 11-15
0%h. Lions by 16+
  3. Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
0%a. Cowboys by 16+
18%b. Cowboys by 11-15
18%c. Cowboys by 6-10
6%d. Cowboys by 1-5
29%e. Chargers by 1-5
Correct29%f. Chargers by 6-10
0%g. Chargers by 11-15
0%h. Chargers by 16+
  4. New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
6%a. Patriots by 16+
0%b. Patriots by 11-15
Correct6%c. Patriots by 6-10
6%d. Patriots by 1-5
35%e. Falcons by 1-5
29%f. Falcons by 6-10
18%g. Falcons by 11-15
0%h. Falcons by 16+
  5. Which of these QB's will have the LEAST amount of yards passing their respective week 4 games? (9 points)
0%a. Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens (at Buffalo Bills)
Correct12%b. Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals (at Cleveland Browns)
29%c. Alex Smith - Kansas City Chiefs (vs New York Giants)
47%d. Carson Palmer - Arizona Cardinals (at Tampa Bay Bucs)
0%e. Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts (at Jacksonville Jaguars)
6%f. Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears (at Detroit Lions)
6%g. Tom Brady - New England Patriots (at Atlanta Falcons)
  6. Which of these running backs will rush for the MOST yards in their respective week 3 games? (9 points)
0%a. DeMarco Murray - Dallas Cowboys (at San Diego Chargers)
24%b. Chris Johnson - Tennessee Titans (vs New York Jets)
6%c. Doug Martin - Tampa Bay Bucs (vs Arizona Cardinals)
Correct12%d. Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings (vs Pittsburgh Steelers)
24%e. Jamal Charles - Kansas City Chiefs (vs New York Giants)
29%f. Matt Forte - Chicago Bears (at Detroit Lions)
6%g. LeSean McCoy - Philadelphia Eagles (at Denver Broncos)
  7. Which of these wide receivers will have the MOST receptions? (9 points)
12%a. Eric Decker - Denver Broncos (vs Philadelphia Eagles)
29%b. Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts (at Jacksonville Jaguars)
Correct6%c. Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers (at Minnesota Vikings)
18%d. Steve Johnson - Buffalo Bills (vs Baltimore Ravens)
18%e. Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys (at San Diego Chargers)
6%f. Santana Moss - Washington Redskins (at Oakland Raiders)
12%g. Brian Hartline - Miami Dolphins (at New Orleans Saints)
  8. Which of these tight ends will average the MOST yards per reception? (9 points)
12%a. Julius Thomas - Denver Broncos (vs Philadelphia Eagles)
24%b. Tyler Eifert - Cincinnati Bengals (at Cleveland Browns)
12%c. Charles Clay - Miami Dolphins (at New Orleans Saints)
24%d. Owen Daniels - Houston Texans (vs Seattle Seahawks)
0%e. Scott Chandler - Buffalo Bills (vs Baltimore Ravens)
Correct29%f. Coby Fleener - Indianapolis Colts (at Jacksonville Jaguars)
0%g. Delanie Walker - Tennessee Titans (vs New York Jets)
  9. Which of these kickers will score the MOST points? (9 points)
Correct12%a. Stephen Gostkowski - New England Patriots (at Atlanta Falcons)
12%b. Caleb Sturgis - Miami Dolphins (at New Orleans Saints)
12%c. Steven Hauschka - Seattle Seahawks (at Houston Texans)
18%d. Ryan Succop - Kansas City Chiefs (vs New York Giants)
29%e. Rob Bironas - Tennessee Titans (vs New York Jets)
18%f. Blair Walsh - Minnesota Vikings (vs Pittsburgh Steelers)
0%g. Nick Novak - San Diego Chargers (vs Dallas Cowboys)
  10. Eli Manning has already thrown 8 interceptions. How many picks will Manning throw in week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs? (5 points)
6%a. 0
Correct35%b. 1
41%c. 2
12%d. 3
6%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  11. Ryan Tannehill has been sacked the most in the NFL. How many sacks will the Saints defense have on Monday night when they host the Dolphins? (5 points)
6%a. 0
0%b. 1
12%c. 2
35%d. 3
Correct47%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  12. How many different running backs will rush for over 110 yards in week 4? (5 points)
0%a. 0
0%b. 1
0%c. 2
Correct59%d. 3
29%e. 4
12%f. 5
0%g. 6+
  13. Julius Jones and Julian Edelman lead the league in receptions. How many COMBINED catches will the two have when the Patriots travel to Atlanta on Sunday night? (5 points)
6%a. 10 or less
6%b. 11-12
Correct41%c. 13-14
35%d. 15-16
12%e. 17-18
0%f. 19-20
0%g. 21+
  14. Bryan Anger leads the league in punting. How many punts will Anger have when the Jaguars host the Colts on Sunday? (5 points)
0%a. 3 or less
6%b. 4
12%c. 5
Correct35%d. 6
35%e. 7
6%f. 8
6%g. 9+
  15. Denver has averaged over 42 points so far this season. How many points will the Broncos score when they host the Eagles in week 4? (5 points)
0%a. 23 or less
6%b. 24-28
6%c. 29-33
29%d. 34-38
41%e. 39-43
18%f. 44-48
Correct0%g. 49+
  Tiebreaker: How many passing yards will Peyton Manning have when the Broncos host the Eagles?
Correct 327

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