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F/E 10/2
Welcome back. This is the part of the locker room where you can sit and chat and chill for a while without offending or being shushed. Maybe you wanna watch a dvd or listen to your mp3. Yes, I rhymed. Something on your mind, post it! Random question, ask it? Hijacking is allowed and encouraged. Join the party, troll around, have a beer. It's cool. All are welcome, but please leave all BS in the hall. 

thanks everybody for the awesome stuff you said about my tv appearance!

neat stuff that happened:
- i got to see schaub blow the game...on a motherf**king plane
- when i was running (late) in the morning to get to the studio, i'd google mapsed the tour place and i physically bumped into dr. drew at the security place.
- there's a portion of the today show, where i'm wandering lost past the windows that people stick their faces against
- i took an orange from the green room that any celebrity may have touched and been like, "nah, not this one."
- in hair and makeup, joy bauer was telling me "right now, your job is to not be nervous," and that's the exact moment that martha stewart blew into the room and sat in the chair next to me. (she looks like death without her makeup)
- teegan and sara hung out behind my hair chair after they performed. i still haven't googled them. but in my imagination, i already know how bad their slip-ons must smell and really, that's all the info i need on them.
- kathie lee gifford's makeup room actually has a star on it and it says "maestro gifford" which means we must be sister's because i write music under the pseudonym "maestro mount."
- carson daly not only doesn't have a star, but his name plate is a handwritten index card. i'd be worried if i were him. by the way, when did he stop hosting trl?
- i made a large russian man giggle with my bill o'reilly slams during bill o'reilly's interview. if you pump up the volume (pump up the volume, pump up the, dance), you may hear it.
- i didn't fall down.
- hoda is beautiful and lovely as can be.
-  kathie lee kinda stole my thunder. but that's ok. cause i can say "kathie lee stole my thunder."
- i can hula hoop with a mic pack in my pants
- after the show, i had lunch on the terrace at my hotel and i tried all of the different breads in the basket. i feel like i earned at least that.
- i finished full dark no stars on my flights and i highly recommend it.
- my paper clips are local celebrities

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