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Ultimate NBA 2013 - 2014 Preseason Prediction Poll
Predict the 2013 - 2014 NBA Season.

Individual stat leaders must meet the NBA's minimum qualifying requirements for playing time.This poll is closed but has not yet been scored. Check back later to see the final results.
Outcome Date 06/20/14 | Closed on 10/29/13 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 19 | NBA, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
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 1. Who will win the Atlantic Division? (10 points)
6%a. Boston Celtics
75%b. Brooklyn Nets
13%c. New York Knicks
6%d. Philadelphia 76ers
0%e. Toronto Raptors
 2. Who will win the Central Division? (10 points)
69%a. Chicago Bulls
0%b. Cleveland Cavaliers
6%c. Detroit Pistons
25%d. Indiana Pacers
0%e. Milwaukee Bucks
 3. Who will win the Southeast Division? (10 points)
0%a. Atlanta Hawks
0%b. Charlotte Bobcats
100%c. Miami Heat
0%d. Orlando Magic
0%e. Washington Wizards
 4. Who will win the Northwest Division? (10 points)
6%a. Denver Nuggets
0%b. Minnesota Timberwolves
88%c. Oklahoma City Thunder
6%d. Portland Trailblazers
0%e. Utah Jazz
 5. Who will win the Southwest Division? (10 points)
6%a. Dallas Mavericks
25%b. Houston Rockets
6%c. Memphis Grizzlies
0%d. New Orleans Pelicans
63%e. San Antonio Spurs
 6. Who will win the Pacific Division? (10 points)
13%a. Golden State Warriors
81%b. Los Angeles Clippers
6%c. Los Angeles Lakers
0%d. Phoenix Suns
0%e. Sacramento Kings
 7. Who will lead the league in points per game? (8 points)
0%a. Kobe Bryant, Lakers
0%b. James Harden, Rockets
0%c. Dwayne Wade, Heat
38%d. Lebron James, Heat
6%e. Carmelo Anthony, Knicks
6%f. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
50%g. Kevin Durant, Thunder
0%h. Other
 8. Who will lead the league in rebounds per game? (8 points)
0%a. Reggie Evans, Nets
0%b. Nikola Vucevic, Magic
63%c. Dwight Howard, Rockets
19%d. Zach Randolph, Grizzlies
19%e. Kevin Love, Timberwolves
0%f. David Lee, Warriors
0%g. Al Horford, Hawks
0%h. Other
 9. Who will lead the league in assists per game? (8 points)
0%a. Greivis Vasquez, Hornets
6%b. Deron Williams, Nets
6%c. Rajon Rondo, Celtics
75%d. Chris Paul, Clippers
0%e. Jose Calderon, Mavericks
0%f. Jrue Holliday, 76ers
6%g. Russell Westbrook, Thunder
6%h. Other
 10. Who will be the Rookie of the Year? (9 points)
13%a. Michael Carter-Wlliams, 76ers
31%b. Trey Burke, Jazz
19%c. Victor Oladipo, Magic
0%d. Otto Porter, Wizards
6%e. Ben McLemore, Kings
0%f. Cody Zeller, Bobcats
0%g. Kelly Olynyk, Celtics
31%h. Other
 11. Who will be the Most Valuable Player? (9 points)
0%a. Kobe Bryant, Lakers
63%b. LeBron James, Heat
0%c. Dwight Howard, Rockets
31%d. Kevin Durant, Thunder
0%e. Dwayne Wade, Heat
0%f. James Harden, Rockets
0%g. Carmelo Anthony, Knicks
6%h. Other
 12. Which of these Eastern Conference teams will finish with the BEST record (8 points)
25%a. Brooklyn Nets
56%b. Chicago Bulls
0%c. Atlanta Hawks
0%d. Milwaukee Bucks
13%e. Indiana Pacers
6%f. Philadelphia 76ers
0%g. Toronto Raptors
 13. Which of these Western Conference teams will finish with the BEST record (8 points)
0%a. Memphis Grizzlies
63%b. Los Angeles Clippers
13%c. Golden State Warriors
6%d. Denver Nuggets
6%e. LA Lakers
13%f. Houston Rockets
0%g. Utah Jazz
 14. Which of these Eastern Conference teams will have the WORST record? (8 points)
25%a. Philadelphia 76ers
0%b. Cleveland Cavs
25%c. Charlotte Bobcats
13%d. Washington Wizards
6%e. Detroit Pistons
13%f. Toronto Raptors
19%g. Orlando Magic
 15. Which of these Western Conference teams will have the WORST record? (8 points)
44%a. New Orleans Pelicans
25%b. Phoenix Suns
13%c. Minnesota Timberwolves
0%d. Dallas Mavericks
19%e. Sacramento Kings
0%f. Utah Jazz
0%g. Portland Trail Blazers
 16. How many playoff teams from last season will return this season? (7 points)
0%a. 2-5
13%b. 6-8
13%c. 9-10
31%d. 11-12
25%e. 13
19%f. 14
0%g. 15
0%h. 16
 17. Who will win the Eastern Conference? (10 points)
0%a. Boston Celtics
0%b. Atlanta Hawks
13%c. Chicago Bulls
81%d. Miami Heat
0%e. Brooklyn Nets
0%f. New York Knicks
0%g. Indiana Pacers
6%h. Other
 18. Who will win the Western Conference? (10 points)
0%a. Los Angeles Lakers
0%b. Denver Nuggets
31%c. San Antonio Spurs
0%d. Memphis Grizzlies
6%e. Houston Rockets
44%f. Oklahoma City Thunder
13%g. Los Angeles Clippers
6%h. Other
 19. Who will win the NBA Championship? (10 points)
56%a. Miami Heat
13%b. San Antonio Spurs
13%c. Chicago Bulls
13%d. Oklahoma City Thunder
0%e. New York Knicks
0%f. Los Angeles Clippers
0%g. Other Western Conference Team
6%h. Other Eastern Conference Team
 Tiebreaker: How many games will the top seed in the West win?

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