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now that was scary
okay fellow iquers wh have halloween  is just around the corner which got me wondering ,what was the weirdest or scariest costume you ever dressed up in or you could use on that either a friend or family member was in ,and do you still go to adult halloween parties
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40%a. this one
0%b. that one
20%c. never dressed up
0%d. what,really,huh
40%e. other

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#1 | 181 days ago

Ive never done it
never dressed up  
#2 | 181 days ago

one year I dressed up like an old cowboy zombie and I haven't been to a Party in years. by the way, I like your polls!
this one  
#3 | 181 days ago

last time I wore a costume to an adult halloween party was a referee with a cane and shades, A blind ref!!!!
#4 | 181 days ago

My costumes have never really been "scary" (they haven't ever really been "sexy" either, as most women love to do this time of year.) My favorites have been:

1 - Frozen Rose (no, not the flower...I wore a dress just like Rose in Titanic, did my hair and makeup to look like she did when she was floating, freezing in the water)
2 - Red Riding Hood (I think I actually liked my guy's - big bad wolf - costume more than my own)
3 - Pebbles, from the Flintstones - a bunch of us did a group costume with the Flintstones & Rubbles. Simple and fun
4 - Zombie bridesmaid - I used some last-minute weird makeup and hair product to get it done, but it worked well

My daughter and I are dressing as gypsies this year...I know it's overdone, but I have a ton of belly dance clothes, so it's free and easy. I'm not going to a party, just handing out candy I think...but I like dressing up for Halloween so I'm going to.
this one  
#5 | 181 days ago

davonthedl wrote:
one year I dressed up like an old cowboy zombie and I haven't been to a Party in years. by the way, I like your polls!
thanks for the kind words I like doing polls just not as active as I use to be

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