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The Los Angeles Kings vs. the San Jose Sharks October 30, 2013
NoCal vs. SoCal
Evil vs. Good
Jerkheads vs. Loveable Puck Handlers
Teal vs. Purple ....(well......sometimes, )

Anywhoo........the "Once Again Off to a Hot Start" Sharks make their first appearance at Staples Wednesday night. They've only lost once in regulation. Whatever. 

Puck drops at 7:30 p.m (Pacific Time) 

Scored by kteacher on 10/30/13 at 10:27PM | Closed on 10/30/13 at 10:30PM
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Teams:  Los Angeles Kings
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer8 Fans 
  1. Who wins? (10 points)
75%a. Kings in regulation
Correct0%b. Kings in OT
0%c. Kings in a shoot out
13%d. Sharks in regulation
13%e. Sharks in OT
0%f. Sharks in a shoot out
  2. Who Scores for the Kings? (5 points)
Correct25%a. Anze Kopitar
Correct13%b. Justin Williams
0%c. Mike Richards
13%d. Jeff Carter
0%e. Dustin Brown
Correct13%f. Drew Doughty
Correct38%g. other Kings player (s)
0%h. nobody
  3. Who Scores for the Sharks? (5 points)
13%a. Joe Thornton
0%b. Patrick Marleau
Correct13%c. Logan Couture
Correct13%d. Joe Pavelski
0%e. Tomas Hertl
13%f. Brent Burns
Correct50%g. Other Sharks Player(s)
0%h. nobody
  4. Which team scores first? (10 points)
50%a. Kings 5 on 5
13%b. Kings on a power play
0%c. Kings on penalty shot
0%d. Kings other way not listed
Correct25%e. Sharks 5 on 5
13%f. Sharks on a power play
0%g. Sharks on penalty shot
0%h. Sharks other way not listed
  5. Which teams scores last? (5 points)
Correct75%a. Kings
25%b. Sharks
  6. Which team has more hits? (5 points)
Correct75%a. Kings
25%b. Sharks
0%c. tie
  7. Which team has more penalty minutes? (5 points)
25%a. Kings
Correct38%b. Sharks
38%c. tie
  8. Who has more shots on goal? (5 points)
Correct88%a. Kings
13%b. Sharks
0%c. tie
  Tiebreaker: Total number of penalty minutes for BOTH teams
Correct 30

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#1 | 367 days ago

Kings! OMG!
1. Kings in regulation  2. other Kings player (s)  3. Other Sharks Player(s)  4. Kings on a power play  5. Kings  6. Kings   7. Sharks   8. Kings   
#2 | 365 days ago

I was here ........... 

1. Kings in regulation  2. Jeff Carter  3. Other Sharks Player(s)  4. Kings 5 on 5  5. Kings  6. Kings   7. Sharks   8. Kings   
#3 | 364 days ago

Kings win! Kings win! They win it in OT. Doughty, Stoll, Williams, and Kopitar (game winner in OT) score. 

Congrats to the winners and dunce cap wearer! Thanks for participating. 

Kings play the Predators on Saturday. 

1. Kings in regulation  2. Kings in regulation  3. Anze Kopitar  4. Anze Kopitar  5. Other Sharks Player(s)  6. Other Sharks Player(s)  7. Kings 5 on 5  8. Kings 5 on 5  

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