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NFL Prediction Poll - Week 13
Predict the following questions for week 13 of the NFL season

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Scored by Scott on 12/03/13 at 06:26AM | Closed on 11/28/13 at 12:30PM
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 1. Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens - Which team wins this game (6 points)
0%a. Steelers by 16+
0%b. Steelers by 11-15
21%c. Steelers by 6-10
0%d. Steelers by 1-5
43%e. Ravens by 1-5
29%f. Ravens by 6-10
7%g. Ravens by 11-15
0%h. Ravens by 16+
 2. Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
0%a. Packers by 16+
0%b. Packers by 11-15
14%c. Packers by 6-10
0%d. Packers by 1-5
14%e. Lions by 1-5
71%f. Lions by 6-10
0%g. Lions by 11-15
0%h. Lions by 16+
 3. Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
0%a. Broncos by 16+
7%b. Broncos by 11-15
36%c. Broncos by 6-10
0%d. Broncos by 1-5
43%e. Chiefs by 1-5
14%f. Chiefs by 6-10
0%g. Chiefs by 11-15
0%h. Chiefs by 16+
 4. New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks - Which team wins this game? (6 points)
0%a. Saints by 16+
0%b. Saints by 11-15
14%c. Saints by 6-10
14%d. Saints by 1-5
7%e. Hawks by 1-5
57%f. Hawks by 6-10
7%g. Hawks by 11-15
0%h. Hawks by 16+
 5. Which of these QB's will throw for the LEAST amount of yards in their respective week 13 games? (9 points)
14%a. Matt Stafford - Detroit Lions (vs Green Bay Packers)
7%b. Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos (at Kansas City Chiefs)
0%c. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints (at Seattle Seahawks)
7%d. Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers (vs Cincinnati Bengals)
36%e. Nick Folk - Philadelphia Eagles (vs Arizona Cardinals)
0%f. Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys (vs Oakland Raiders)
36%g. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons (at Bufffalo Bills)
 6. Which of these running backs will rush for the MOST yards in their respective week 13 games? (9 points)
29%a. Matt Forte - Chicago Bears (at Minnesota Vikings)
0%b. Frank Gore - San Francisco 49ers (vs St. Louis Rams)
14%c. Eddie Lacy - Green Bay Packers (at Detroit Lions)
14%d. Ryan Matthews - San Diego Chargers (vs Cincinnati Bengals)
14%e. Reggie Bush - Detroit Lions (vs Green Bay Packers)
21%f. Chris Johnson - Tennessee Titans (at Indianapolis Colts)
7%g. Fred Jackson - Buffalo Bills (vs Atlanta Falcons)
 7. Which of these wide receivers will have the MOST yards receiving in their respective week 13 games? (9 points)
7%a. Vincent Jackson - Tampa Bay Bucs (at Carolina Panthers)
7%b. Victor Cruz - New York Giants (at Washington Redskins)
21%c. Josh Gordon - Cleveland Browns (vs Jacksonville Jaguars)
36%d. Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys (vs Oakland Raiders)
0%e. Pierre Garcon - Washington Redskins (vs New York Giants)
21%f. Wes Welker - Denver Broncos (at Kansas City Chiefs)
7%g. Alshon Jeffrey - Chicago Bears (at Minnesota Vikings)
 8. Among these kickers, which one will successfully make the longest field goal in week 13? (9 points)
21%a. Graham Gano - Carolina Panthers (vs Tampa Bay Bucs)
7%b. Adam Vinatieri - Indianapolis Colts (vs Tennessee Titans)
29%c. Sebastian Janikowski - Oakland Raiders (at Dallas Cowboys)
7%d. Mike Nugent - Cincinnati Bengals (at San Diego Chargers)
21%e. Matt Prater - Denver Broncos (at Kansas City Chiefs)
7%f. Justin Tucker - Baltimore Ravens (vs Pittsburgh Steelers)
7%g. Steven Hauschka - Seattle Seahawks (vs New Orleans Saints)
 9. Which of these games will have the SMALLEST margin of victory? (6 points)
0%a. Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys
50%b. Miami Dolphins at New York Jets
14%c. Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
7%d. Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
14%e. Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills
7%f. Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles
7%g. Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers
 10. In the Broncos first meeting with the Chiefs in 2013, Peyton Manning was sacked ZERO times. How many times will the Chiefs get Manning in the rematch? (5 points)
0%a. 0
36%b. 1
43%c. 2
21%d. 3
0%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6+
 11. How many different running backs will rush for over 125 yards in their respective week 12 games? (5 points)
 12. Calvin Johnson leads the league in receiving yards. How many yards will Johnson have on Thanksgiving day when the Lions host the Packers? (5 points)
 13. What will be the MOST amount of tackles registered by ANY player in week 13? (5 points)
 14. How many road teams walk away with a win in week 13? (5 points)
 15. How many defensive touchdowns scored in week 13? (5 points)
 Tiebreaker: How many yards passing will Drew Brees have when the New Orleans Saints travel to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seahawks and the 12th man?

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