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Saturday Six Pack
Saturday Six Pack Photo
Scored by rockysnappyduke on 12/02/13 at 12:24AM | Closed on 11/30/13 at 11:00AM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NCAAF | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer15 Fans 
  1. Who will win on the Farm? (10 points)
7%a. 25. Notre Dame
Correct93%b. 8. Stanford
  2. Who will win at the Zoo? (10 points)
40%a. 21. Texas A&M
Correct60%b. 5. Missouri
  3. Will the Ole Ball Coach deliver? (10 points)
47%a. 6. Clemson
Correct53%b. 10. South Carolina
  4. Who do you like to win on the West side? (10 points)
Correct20%a. 22. UCLA
80%b. 23. Southern Cal
  5. Can the Wildcats pull off another upset? (10 points)
20%a. Arizona
Correct80%b. 12. Arizona State
  6. And who do you think will take the Iron Bowl? (10 points)
80%a. 1. Alabama
Correct20%b. 4. Auburn
  Tiebreaker: How many points will Ohio State score at Michigan?
Correct 42

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