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Thanksgiving Questions!
Orrrr... these ones.

Choose an option. Cause I judge you by these, that's why. Explain below.
| Closed on 12/11/13 at 07:00PM
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 1. It's Thanksgiving, you can only eat one of the items below for the whole day, which one do you choose? (0 points)
23%a. Mac and Cheese
18%b. Ham
14%c. Pie
5%d. Potato chips
9%e. Pizza rolls
32%f. Turkey
0%g. Green Bean Casserole
 2. You have guests over and they insist on playing a game, which game? (0 points)
41%a. Charades
0%b. Chutes and Ladders
36%c. Monopoly
5%d. Trouble
9%e. Operation
9%f. Hungry Hungry Hippo
 3. You have to create the Thanksgiving cocktail, what's in it? (0 points)
0%a. Gin and Juice
9%b. Vodka and V8 Splash
23%c. Whiskey and 7Up
9%d. Brandy and amaretto
5%e. Scotch and diet soda
5%f. Tequila and grapefruit juice
9%g. Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice
41%h. No cocktails, str8 up shots, yo!
 4. Yo mama insists that you make something, so you make... (0 points)
9%a. sweet potato soup
27%b. garden salad
41%c. cake, cake, cake
23%d. ice
0%e. can of collard greens
 5. Cotton candy, sweet as gold, let me see... (0 points)
27%a. that tootsie roll
5%b. that rum ham
14%c. the money
14%d. a miracle on my damn street
5%e. clearly now
23%f. a liquor sto'
14%g. that monkey
 6. What are you doing on Thanksgiving? (0 points)
27%a. I shall be...
5%b. I shan't do a thing...
18%c. Getting fatter
36%d. Oh, I'm drinking, thank you for asking
14%e. Avoiding a murder charge
0%f. Shhhhh