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F/E Thanksgiving Ed. 11/28

Welcome back. This is the part of the locker room where you can sit and chat and chill for a while without offending or being shushed. Maybe you wanna watch a dvd or listen to your mp3. Yes, I rhymed. Something on your mind, post it! Random question, ask it? Hijacking is allowed and encouraged. Join the party, troll around, have a beer. It's cool. All are welcome, but please leave all BS in the hall. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your food, football, and family. Well, enjoy your family as best you can. Dammit! Go football.

| Closed on 12/07/13 at 11:00PM
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50%a. Happy Thanksgiving...
0%b. Beers...
13%c. Liquor
0%d. Food...
25%e. Cinnamon Toast Crunch...
0%f. GOOOOO Whoever...
13%g. Beans

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#2 | 298 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!
#3 | 298 days ago

#4 | 298 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
I'm not cooking today...well technically I am but we're having sloppy joes. This weekend will be the feast in the Jess household, because I don't cook Thanksgiving dinner and desserts by myself. In the meantime, my husband is officially on duty but he's here at the house putting xmas decorations up.
Happy Thanksgiving...  
#5 | 298 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I already celebrated Thanksgiving at my friends' wedding this afternoon. Getting ready to go to another dinner in a bit and then upstate tomorrow morning for a weekend getaway in a timeshare cabin. Have a good weekend.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch...  
#6 | 297 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends (and enemies even, if I have any) in the US!  Today was just a normal day for this chica, although I did spend an hour and a half doing water yoga before work.  Consequently, work really kicked my azz today.  Exhausted!!

Have fun at Black Friday guys.
Happy Thanksgiving...  

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