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College Football Bowl Season Challenge - The BCS
Predict the following questions for this years BCS games

BCS Schedule

Rose Bowl - Michigan State vs. Stanford - 01.01.14

Fiesta Bowl - Baylor vs. Central Florida - 01.01.14

Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs. Oklahoma - 01.02.14

Orange Bowl - Clemson vs. Ohio State - 01.03.14

BCS Championship - Florida State vs. Auburn - 01.06.14
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Team Breakout:
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  1. Rose Bowl - Michigan State vs. Stanford - Who will win? (3 points)
Correct35%a. Michigan State
65%b. Stanford
  2. Fiesta Bowl - Baylor vs. Central Florida - Who will win? (3 points)
94%a. Baylor
Correct6%b. Central Florida
  3. Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs. Oklahoma - Who will win? (3 points)
100%a. Alabama
Correct0%b. Oklahoma
  4. Orange Bowl - Clemson vs. Ohio State - Who will win? (3 points)
Correct47%a. Clemson
53%b. Ohio State
  5. BCS Championship - Florida State vs. Auburn - Who will win? (3 points)
Correct76%a. Florida State
24%b. Auburn
  6. Which of these teams will score the most points? (5 points)
6%a. Stanford (vs Michigan State)
Correct35%b. Central Florida (vs Baylor)
0%c. Oklahoma (vs Alabama)
53%d. Ohio State (vs Clemson)
6%e. Michigan State (vs Stanford)
  7. Which of these teams will score the least amount of points? (5 points)
Correct18%a. Alabama (vs Oklahoma)
6%b. Baylor (vs Central Florida)
41%c. Clemson (vs Ohio State)
0%d. Florida State (vs Auburn)
Correct35%e. Auburn (vs Florida State)
  8. Which of these quarterbacks will have the MOST total yards? (5 points)
0%a. Connor Cook - Michigan State (vs Stanford)
Correct47%b. Blake Bortles - Central Florida (vs Baylor)
6%c. Kevin Hogan - Stanford (vs Michigan State)
0%d. Blake Bell - Oklahoma (vs Alabama)
47%e. AJ McCarron - Alabama (vs Oklahoma)
  9. Which of these quarterbacks will have the LEAST total yards? (5 points)
0%a. Jameis Winston - Florida State (vs Auburn)
24%b. Tajh Boyd - Clemson (vs Ohio State)
29%c. Braxton Miller - Ohio State (vs Clemson)
Correct41%d. Nick Marshall - Auburn (vs Florida State)
6%e. Bryce Petty - Baylor (vs Central Florida)
  10. Which of these running backs will have the most total yards? (7 points)
Correct35%a. Carlos Hyde - Ohio State (vs Clemson)
0%b. Jeremy Langford - Michigan State (vs Stanford)
6%c. Tyler Gaffney - Stanford (vs Michigan State)
47%d. TJ Yeldon - Alabama (vs Oklahoma)
0%e. Lache Seastrunk - Baylor (vs Central Florida)
6%f. Devonta Freeman - Florida State (vs Auburn)
6%g. Roderick McDowell - Clemson (vs Ohio State)
  11. Which of these receiving duos will have the most yards receiving? (7 points)
Correct24%a. Sammy Watkins/Martavis Bryant - Clemson (vs Ohio State)
35%b. Rashad Greene/Kelvin Benjamin - Florida State (vs Auburn)
6%c. Jalen Saunders/Sterling Shepard - Oklahoma (vs Alabama)
24%d. Amari Cooper/Kevin Norwood - Alabama (vs Oklahoma)
12%e. Rannell Hall/Breshad Perriman - Central Florida (vs Baylor)
0%f. Philly Brown/Devin Smith - Ohio State (vs Clemson)
0%g. Sammie Coates/Ricardo Louis - Auburn (vs Florida State)
  12. Which of these games will have the largest margin of victory? (6 points)
0%a. Michigan State vs. Stanford
29%b. Baylor vs. Central Florida
Correct29%c. Alabama vs. Oklahoma
12%d. Clemson vs. Ohio State
29%e. Florida State vs. Auburn
  13. Which of these games will have the most turnovers + sacks? (6 points)
59%a. Michigan State vs. Stanford
24%b. Baylor vs. Central Florida
Correct12%c. Alabama vs. Oklahoma
6%d. Clemson vs. Ohio State
0%e. Florida State vs. Auburn
  14. How many special teams + defensive touchdowns will there be in these 5 games? (6 points)
0%a. 0
6%b. 1
24%c. 2
Correct35%d. 3
24%e. 4
12%f. 5+
  15. How many points will the winner of the BCS title game have? (8 points)
0%a. 21 or less
0%b. 22-26
6%c. 27-31
Correct24%d. 32-36
35%e. 37-41
12%f. 42-46
24%g. 47+
  Tiebreaker: How many combined yards of total offense will there be in the BCS Championship game?
Correct 834

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