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What Albuquerque eating challenge would you come the closest to finishing (Edited 01/12/14 04:22PM by SusanVette)
Saturday's 1st bowl game is the New Mexico Bowl held in Albuquerque,NM.  In Albuquerque I found 7 different places that have eating contests with prizes at some, and lots of stomach aches at all.  My question is which of the 7 would you personally have the best chance of finishing? 
9 lb. burger C 9 Pound Burger Burger Rush Albuquerque, NM  
10 lb. burrito C Fireman's Burrito Cecilia's Cafe Albuquerque, NM T-shirt given to non-finishers
8 mini waffles, scoops of custard and toppings C Chillz Challenge Chillz Albuquerque, NM waffles are topped w scoops of frozen custard
3 lb. burger C Three Pound Burger Coyote Steakhouse and Cantina Albuquerque, NM  
72 oz steak C 72 Ounce Steak Coyote Steakhouse and Cantina Albuquerque, NM  
beef & bean burrito C Travis on a Silver Platter K & I Diner Albuquerque, NM includes fries
5 lb. sopaipilla C Stuffed Sopaipilla Challenge Sadie's Albuquerque, NM  
| Closed on 02/14/14 at 05:00PM
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0%a. 9 lb burger
13%b. 10 lb burrito
13%c. 8 mini waffles, scoops of custard/toppings
13%d. 3 lb burger
25%e. 72 oz steak
0%f. beef & bean burrito
13%g. 5 lb sopaipilla
25%h. none of them

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#1 | 307 days ago

This is a picture of the Travis on a Silver Platter. 
72 oz steak  
#2 | 284 days ago

none and not afraid to admit it... Can play linebacker in the NFL either,... so guess I am happy being me... yea me....
none of them  
#3 | 283 days ago

i'd go for the 10lb burrito because even if you don't finish you get a t-shirt
#4 | 283 days ago

 I am perfectly fine overdosing on steak.
72 oz steak  
#5 | 283 days ago

5 lb sopaipilla  

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