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Portland Trail Blazers At Golden St Warriors
 See if anyone has any interest in the NBA anymore.

 In most polls you are asked to pick the top player in a category, and there isn't much challenge in that, as each team usually has a main guy, but in this poll, your asked to pick the top guy Vs their season average. Each player will be based on his current average for the season, so if player A is averaging 30 points, and player B is averaging 20 points, then player B will be plus 10, so you will need to use your skill in figuring out who will have the best game based on what they normally do and match ups. Good luck
Scored by KSbengals99 on 01/26/14 at 08:33PM | Closed on 01/26/14 at 09:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NBA, Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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  1. Who Will Score The Most Points? LaMarcus Aldridge 24.2 (1 points)
0%a. LaMarcus Aldridge
0%b. Damian Lillard (+3.0)
Correct0%c. Stephen Curry (+0.7)
0%d. David Lee (+5.0)
  2. Who Will Have The Most Rebounds? LaMarcus Aldridge 11.6 (1 points)
0%a. LaMarcus Aldridge
0%b. Robin Lopez (+3.4)
0%c. David Lee (+1.7)
Correct0%d. Stephen Curry (+7.0)
  3. Who Will Have The Most Assist? Stephen Curry 9.2 (1 points)
0%a. Damian Lillard (+3.4)
0%b. Nicolas Batum (+3.6)
0%c. Stephen Curry
Correct0%d. Klay Thompson (+6.7)
  4. Who Will Have The Most Blocks And Steals Combined? Stephen Curry 2.2 (1 points)
Correct0%a. LaMarcus Aldridge (+0.3)
0%b. Nicolas Batum (+0.5)
0%c. Stephen Curry
0%d. Klay Thompson (+0.7)
  5. Which Player Will Have The Most Turnovers? Stephen Curry 4.2 (1 points)
0%a. Nicolas Batum (+1.7)
0%b. Damian Lillard (+1.9)
0%c. Stephen Curry
Correct0%d. David Lee (+1.9)
  6. Which Team Will Have The Higher Free Throw Percentage? Portland 82.2% (1 points)
0%a. Portland
Correct0%b. Golden St (+9.2%)
  Tiebreaker: What Will Be The Total Points Combine By The Two Teams?
Correct 191

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