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2014 Winter Olympics: Biathlon
Predict the gold medalists in the biathlon events at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Featured by: Jess at 1/28/14 7:47PM
Scored by Eric_ on 02/22/14 at 12:23AM | Closed on 02/08/14 at 09:30AM
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  1. Men's 20km Individual (10 points)
50%a. Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR)
13%b. Simon Eder (AUT)
Correct13%c. Martin Fourcade (FRA)
0%d. Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS)
0%e. Alexey Volkov (RUS)
0%f. Christian De Lorezni (ITA)
25%g. Lowell Bailey (USA)
0%h. Other
  2. Women's 15km Individual (10 points)
0%a. Gabriela Soukalová (CZE)
50%b. Tora Berger (NOR)
0%c. Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK)
13%d. Andrea Henkel (GER)
Correct13%e. Darya Domracheva (BLR)
0%f. Marie Laure Brunet (FRA)
25%g. Susan Dunklee (USA)
0%h. Other
  3. Men's 10km Sprint (10 points)
25%a. Martin Fourcade (FRA)
Correct13%b. Ole Einar Bjørndalen (NOR)
25%c. Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR)
13%d. Fredrik Lindström (SWE)
0%e. Anton Shipulin (RUS)
0%f. Arnd Peiffer (GER)
25%g. Tim Burke (USA)
0%h. Other
  4. Women's 7.5km Sprint (10 points)
0%a. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN)
25%b. Selina Gasparin (SUI)
38%c. Tora Berger (NOR)
0%d. Veronika Vítková (CZE)
0%e. Darya Domracheva (BLR)
0%f. Ann Kristin Flatland (NOR)
38%g. Annelies Cook (USA)
Correct0%h. Other
  5. Men's 12.5km Pursuit (10 points)
38%a. Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR)
Correct25%b. Martin Fourcade (FRA)
0%c. Anton Shipulin (RUS)
0%d. Simon Schempp (GER)
0%e. Dmitry Malyshko (RUS)
13%f. Fredrik Lindström (SWE)
25%g. Tim Burke (USA)
0%h. Other
  6. Women's 10km Pursuit (10 points)
38%a. Tora Berger (NOR)
0%b. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN)
13%c. Gabriela Soukalová (CZE)
Correct0%d. Darya Domracheva (BLR)
13%e. Valj Semerenko (UKR)
0%f. Olga Zaitseva (RUS)
38%g. Susan Dunklee (USA)
0%h. Other
  7. Men's 15km Mass Start (10 points)
25%a. Martin Fourcade (FRA)
Correct38%b. Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR)
25%c. Tim Burke (USA)
0%d. Andreas Birnbacher (GER)
0%e. Ondřej Moravec (CZE)
13%f. Tarjei Bø (NOR)
0%g. Alexey Volkov (RUS)
0%h. Other
  8. Women's 12.5km Mass Start (10 points)
38%a. Tora Berger (NOR)
Correct13%b. Darya Domracheva (BLR)
25%c. Vita Semerenko (UKR)
0%d. Marie Dorin Habert (FRA)
0%e. Gabriela Soukalová (CZE)
0%f. Andrea Henkel (GER)
25%g. Sara Studebaker (USA)
0%h. Other
  9. Men's Relay (10 points)
25%a. Germany
0%b. Sweden
Correct0%c. Russia
50%d. Norway
0%e. France
0%f. Austria
25%g. United States
0%h. Other
  10. Women's Relay (10 points)
0%a. Germany
50%b. Norway
13%c. Russia
Correct13%d. Ukraine
0%e. France
0%f. Belarus
25%g. United States
0%h. Other
  11. Mixed Relay (10 points)
Correct50%a. Norway
0%b. Russia
25%c. Czech Republic
0%d. France
0%e. Italy
0%f. Germany
25%g. United States
0%h. Other
  Tiebreaker: How many top 10 finishes will Team USA have in biathlon?
Correct 3

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#1 | 242 days ago

I did horribly in this poll
1. Lowell Bailey (USA)  2. Susan Dunklee (USA)  3. Tim Burke (USA)  4. Annelies Cook (USA)  5. Tim Burke (USA)  6. Susan Dunklee (USA)  7. Tim Burke (USA)  8. Sara Studebaker (USA)  9. United States  10. United States  11. United States  

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