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2014 Winter Olympics: Bobsleigh
Predict the gold medalists in the bobsleigh events at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Note: Each choice is represented by the driver of the sled.
Featured by: SusanVette at 2/14/14 9:08PM
Scored by Eric_ on 02/22/14 at 10:05PM | Closed on 02/16/14 at 11:15AM
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  1. Two-man (10 points)
42%a. Steven Holcomb (USA)
0%b. Beat Hefti (SUI)
0%c. Justin Kripps (CAN)
33%d. Francesco Friedrich (GER)
8%e. Thomas Florschütz (GER)
Correct0%f. Alexander Zubkov (RUS)
17%g. Nick Cunningham (USA)
0%h. Other
  2. Four-man (10 points)
42%a. Steven Holcomb (USA)
33%b. Maximilian Arndt (GER)
0%c. Oskars Melbārdis (LAT)
Correct17%d. Alexander Zubkov (RUS)
0%e. Beat Hefti (SUI)
8%f. John James Jackson (GBR)
0%g. Francesco Friedrich (GER)
0%h. Other
  3. Two-women (10 points)
Correct42%a. Kaillie Humphries (CAN)
17%b. Sandra Kiriasis (GER)
17%c. Elana Meyers (USA)
0%d. Cathleen Martini (GER)
17%e. Jamie Greubel (USA)
8%f. Fabienne Meyer (SUI)
0%g. Jazmine Fenlator (USA)
0%h. Other
  Tiebreaker: What place will the Jamaican two-man team finish?
Correct 29

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#1 | 264 days ago

I wanted to pick Jamaica
1. Steven Holcomb (USA)  2. Steven Holcomb (USA)  3. Jamie Greubel (USA)  
#2 | 260 days ago

1. Nick Cunningham (USA)  2. Steven Holcomb (USA)  3. Elana Meyers (USA)  

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