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2014 MLB Ultimate Preseason Prediction Poll (Edited 02/23/14 11:32AM by Scott)
Predict the outcome of the 2014 season.This poll is closed but has not yet been scored. Check back later to see the final results.
Outcome Date 10/30/14 | Closed on 03/31/14 at 12:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 25 | MLB | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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 1. Who will win the AL East? (5 points)
0%a. Baltimore
48%b. Boston
43%c. NY Yankees
10%d. Tampa Bay
0%e. Toronto
 2. Who will win the AL Central? (5 points)
0%a. Chicago White Sox
5%b. Cleveland
90%c. Detroit
5%d. Kansas City
0%e. Minnesota
 3. Who will win the AL West? (5 points)
0%a. Houston
29%b. Los Angeles Angels
24%c. Oakland
5%d. Seattle
43%e. Texas
 4. Who will win the NL East? (5 points)
52%a. Atlanta
0%b. Florida
0%c. NY Mets
5%d. Philadelphia
43%e. Washington
 5. Who will win the NL Central? (5 points)
0%a. Chicago Cubs
24%b. Cincinnati
0%c. Milwaukee
14%d. Pittsburgh
62%e. St. Louis
 6. Who will win the NL West? (5 points)
0%a. Arizona
0%b. Colorado
90%c. LA Dodgers
0%d. San Diego
10%e. San Francisco
 7. Who will win the AL batting title? (6 points)
5%a. Mike Trout (LAA)
52%b. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
14%c. Joe Mauer (MIN)
0%d. Adrian Beltre (TEX)
5%e. Robinson Cano (SEA)
10%f. Dustin Pedroia (BOS)
14%g. Other
 8. Who will win the NL batting title? (6 points)
5%a. Michael Cuddyer (COL)
5%b. Yadier Molina (STL)
5%c. Ryan Braun (MIL)
33%d. Andrew McCutchen (PIT)
10%e. Freddie Freeman (ATL)
5%f. Buster Posey (SF)
38%g. Other
 9. Who will lead the majors in home runs? (6 points)
24%a. Chris Davis (BAL)
43%b. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
10%c. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)
0%d. Edwin Encarnacion (TOR)
0%e. Pedro Alvarez (PIT)
0%f. Adam Dunn (CWS)
24%g. Other
 10. Who will lead the majors in RBI's? (6 points)
0%a. Chris Davis (BAL)
71%b. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
14%c. Paul Goldschmidt (ARI)
0%d. Jay Bruce (CIN)
0%e. Prince Fielder (TEX)
0%f. Ryan Braun (MIL)
14%g. Other
 11. Which pitcher will lead the majors in strikeouts? (6 points)
24%a. Yu Darvish (TEX)
29%b. Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
19%c. Felix Hernandez (SEA)
14%d. Max Scherzer (DET)
0%e. Chris Sale (CWS)
0%f. Cliff Lee (PHI)
14%g. Other
 12. Who will win the AL rookie of the year? (6 points)
5%a. Taijuan Walker (SEA)
33%b. Xander Bogaerts (BOS)
10%c. Nick Castellanos (DET)
10%d. Jose Abreu (CWS)
0%e. Alex Meyer (MIN)
33%f. Masahiro Tanaka (NYY)
10%g. Other
 13. Who will win the NL rookie of the year? (6 points)
48%a. Michael Wacha (STL)
10%b. Oscar Tavares (STL)
5%c. Javier Baez (CHC)
5%d. Travis d'Arnaud (NYM)
0%e. Chris Owings (ARI)
5%f. Alexander Guerrero (LAD)
29%g. Other
 14. Who will win the NL MVP award? (8 points)
24%a. Freddie Freeman (ATL)
5%b. Ryan Braun (MIL)
5%c. Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)
24%d. Andrew McCutchen (PIT)
0%e. Buster Posey (SF)
10%f. Joey Votto (CIN)
0%g. Yadier Molina (STL)
33%h. Other
 15. Who will win the AL MVP award? (8 points)
29%a. Mike Trout (LAA)
0%b. Prince Fielder (TEX)
52%c. Miguel Cabrera (DET)
5%d. Joe Mauer (MIN)
0%e. Evan Longoria (TB)
0%f. Chris Davis (BAL)
0%g. David Ortiz (BOS)
14%h. Other
 16. Who will win the AL Cy Young award? (8 points)
19%a. David Price (TB)
14%b. Felix Hernandez (SEA)
5%c. Chris Sale (CWS)
14%d. Justin Verlander (DET)
0%e. James Shields (KC)
33%f. Yu Darvish (TEX)
0%g. Max Scherzer (DET)
14%h. Other
 17. Who will win the NL Cy Young award? (8 points)
10%a. Jose Fernandez (MIA)
10%b. Adam Wainwright (STL)
0%c. Gio Gonzalez (WAS)
0%d. Cliff Lee (PHI)
5%e. Madison Bumgarner (SF)
57%f. Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
5%g. Zach Greinke (LAD)
14%h. Other
 18. Who will lead the majors in saves? (8 points)
5%a. Jim Johnson (BAL)
14%b. Joe Nathan (DET)
57%c. Craig Kimbrel (ATL)
0%d. Trevor Rosenthal (STL)
5%e. Greg Holland (KC)
5%f. Aroldis Chapman (CIN)
0%g. Fernando Rodney (SEA)
14%h. Other
 19. How many pitchers will win at least 20 games? (5 points)
5%a. 0
5%b. 1
29%c. 2
33%d. 3
19%e. 4
5%f. 5
0%g. 6
5%h. 7+
 20. How many players will hit at least 40 home runs? (5 points)
0%a. 0-1
24%b. 2-3
24%c. 4
14%d. 5
19%e. 6
10%f. 7
10%g. 8
0%h. 9+
 21. How many pitchers record over 235+ strikeouts? (5 points)
5%a. 0
0%b. 1
24%c. 2
19%d. 3
19%e. 4
19%f. 5
14%g. 6
0%h. 7+
 22. Which team will have the best record in the majors this season? (8 points)
14%a. St. Louis Cardinals
33%b. Detroit Tigers
5%c. Washington Nationals
24%d. Los Angeles Dodgers
5%e. Boston Red Sox
0%f. Atlanta Braves
0%g. Texas Rangers
19%h. Other
 23. Who will win the AL Championship? (8 points)
10%a. New York Yankees
10%b. Oakland A's
48%c. Detroit Tigers
10%d. Texas Rangers
19%e. Boston Red Sox
0%f. Tampa Bay Rays
5%g. Other
 24. Who will win the NL Championship? (8 points)
5%a. Washington Nationals
19%b. St. Louis Cardinals
0%c. Pittsburgh Pirates
33%d. Atlanta Braves
5%e. San Francisco Giants
29%f. Los Angeles Dodgers
10%g. Other
 25. Who will win the World Series? (10 points)
10%a. NY Yankees
5%b. Washington Nationals
10%c. Detroit Tigers
14%d. St. Louis Cardinals
0%e. Texas Rangers
5%f. San Francisco Giants
10%g. Los Angeles Dodgers
48%h. Other
 Tiebreaker: Most games won by any team this season (regular season).

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