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Random Questions
It's in the title. We've answered these before, but answers change with moods sometimes, new shows, updated stuff, etc. Comment below.
| Closed on 05/16/14 at 05:00PM
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 1. What was the last package you received? (0 points)
73%a. Something I bought
27%b. Something someone else sent me
0%c. I don't get packages
0%d. Wut?
 2. Favorite current commercial? (0 points)
40%a. This one...
20%b. More than one - these...
7%c. I haven't watched a commercial since DVR/Tivo
20%d. I hate all commercials
13%e. Other
 3. Last song that was stuck in your head? (0 points)
73%a. This one...
7%b. Great, now it's stuck again
20%c. I don't remember
0%d. No songs, only voices
0%e. Other
 4. Favorite TV network? (0 points)
40%a. This...
33%b. These...
7%c. I don't watch TV
13%d. I don't even know
7%e. Other
 5. What's that one little thing you've been wanting that's *just* above your comfort level of spending? (0 points)
53%a. This...
7%b. That...
0%c. I buy everything I want, when I want it
40%d. I don't know
0%e. Other
 6. What's the last thing you won? (0 points)
47%a. This
0%b. These
47%c. I don't remember
7%d. I don't think I've ever won anything
0%e. Other
 7. What would you get on your personalized license plate? (7 letters) (0 points)
47%a. This is me
20%b. I don't know
33%c. Other
 8. What would you put on MY personalized license plate? (7 letters) (0 points)
40%a. This is you
40%b. I don't know
20%c. Other
 9. Share a fun random fact about yourself... (0 points)
60%a. K...
13%b. No
27%c. Maybe later