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I wont eat it. (RP)

**This is a Resurrected Poll (RP) in a different way. Instead of posting at the bottom of the comments in the original and reanimating that zombie, I'm just posting it with a fresh slate. The writing, questions, and answer choices below belong to Nellie aka sports_schmorts**

"Are there things that you refuse to eat? Things that make your stomach turn and your gag reflex strong?  Below is a list of things that are perfectly normal to eat, yet some people think they are disgusting... what do you think?"

| Closed on 07/22/14 at 05:00PM
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0%a. Tomato
6%b. Onion
0%c. Ketchup
0%d. Mustard
0%e. Pickle
0%f. Mayo
29%g. Olives Black or Green
0%h. Broccoli
0%i. Cabbage
6%j. Tuna (or any fish)
0%k. Shell fish
0%l. Deer Meat (venison)
18%m. None of the above
6%n. All of the Above
29%o. Other
6%p. One or more