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Rumor Has It (Edited 04/30/14 05:17PM by Jess)
I don't know if this poll is original or not, but let's just say it is...

So recently, Russell Wilson filed for divorce from his college sweetheart and high school friend, Ashton. Rumor has it that Asthon was fooling around with Golden Tate, and that's why although Tate told the city and fans of Seattle he would take a hometown discount to stay there...he didn't. There were also several rumors right before he left about locker room issues. Apparently Ashton and Tate's girlfriend Elise were fabulous friends, and they aren't anymore. And Tate and his GF broke up as well...sooooo the chain of events looked suspicious and people started talking. I don't know how true any of this is, and Golden issued a statement via Twitter yesterday denying it all, but who knows.

Anyway, do you know any juicy rumors about sports stars or your fave (or our fave) celebs? Wanna start one?
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25%a. Well, I've heard.....
0%b. I'm not sure how true this is, but...
0%c. I know ALL the hot gossip...
0%d. Oh let's start this one...
50%e. I'm just here for the dirt...
25%f. Other

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#1 | 113 days ago

Rumor has it that a similar situation(s) are behind the Pacers collapse. 
Well, I've heard.....  
#2 | 113 days ago

marcus_nyce wrote:
Rumor has it that a similar situation(s) are behind the Pacers collapse. 
I know that if I am Paul George right now, I could most assuredly use a win on the court to forget about somebody breaking into his crib off the court.  
I'm just here for the dirt...  

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