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I'm not a police officer, I'm a princess!
Extra points if you know what that's from.

We were driving home tonight and my daughter said to me, "you're a blend of three princesses mom...Belle for the books, Rapunzel for the adventure, and Merida with the crazy hair." so it made me wonder - which Disney prince or princess would you be, and why?
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60%a. This princess
20%b. This prince
0%c. No Disney - I'd be Dreamworks
20%d. Or this one...
0%e. Other

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#4 | 168 days ago

Prince John

This prince  
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#1 | 168 days ago

(Edited by AlwaysSunshine)
I'd be Belle because she's smart.  Although, IRL, I'm more stubborn and have crazy hair like Merida.

And Kindergarten Cop.  The quote's from Kindergarten Cop.
This princess  
#2 | 168 days ago

(Edited by kobe_lova)
I'm not the princess type but definitely Belle... she has the right attitude about life, yo. 
Besides that, probably that lil girl in wreck it ralph..penelope or vanhooven, idk her name.
Oh, weight wise, Princess Fiona.

Course when it comes to overbearing moms, I get it, Rapunzel :/.

(p.s. i love this poll, I just cussed Jason_ last week for bad mouthing Disney!)
#3 | 168 days ago

i guess for the sake of variety here, i'll go with ariel for the following reasons:
 - i'm 76% sure i was a mermaid in a past life
 - i have zero business living under water this life
 - i have pulled this move and actually thought while i was doing it, "i bet this looks just like ariel."
 - when it comes to attracting a dude, i rely on my looks, my pretty face and i don't underestimate the importance of body language.
 - i love my daddy even though he can be an absolute a**h***. like if he could sink ships, he totally would heart
 - ariel collects s**t from land, i collect s**t from the sea.
 - when i had friends, one was a total crab and the other would flounder out of plans
 - i'm pretty sure i could rock this look
#4 | 168 days ago

Prince John

This prince  
#5 | 168 days ago

Prince Valium off of "Spaceballs"
Or this one...  
#6 | 168 days ago

This princess  

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