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"It's OUR time!"
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So I did a question of the day on FB, and decided to use it here...not for a DQ, because let's be honest - that's not gonna happen. 

I think "Houston, we have a problem..." is a quote I probably use the most on a general basis for the longest time. Although lately, trying to keep a positive attitude about things working out the way we want, our recent good luck, and my sports teams, I've noticed I've been quoting Mikey from the Goonies a lot.

What's YOUR most used movie quote?
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#3 | 104 days ago

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#1 | 104 days ago

I thought this was about those old love commercials... be back.
#2 | 104 days ago

houston will never ever ever live that line down.

i think my most used line is the beginning couple of phrases of the song "i got chiiiiiiills! they're multiplyin. and i'm loooooooooosin contruhol. for the power you're's eLECtrifyin!!!" (and then i take sandy's role) "you better shape up (dooot do doooo!) cuz i need a man.....and my heart is set on youuuuu..." and then i cut off awkwardly cause i don't know the line after that. 

anyway. i sing and dance it when things excite me or there's a draft.
#3 | 104 days ago

#4 | 104 days ago

[insert Tombstone quote here]

Lately, I've been saying "awwww yeahhh" from Psych a lot.

And Kevin Hart's... "you don't even know...."

Inappropriately, "it rubs the lotion on the skin"

man, i'm a quoter...
#5 | 104 days ago

kobe_lova wrote:
[insert Tombstone quote here]

Lately, I've been saying "awwww yeahhh" from Psych a lot.

And Kevin Hart's... "you don't even know...."

Inappropriately, "it rubs the lotion on the skin"

man, i'm a quoter...
Oh I didn't even think about TV shows...I'm a Psych quoter, myself
#6 | 104 days ago

All of them.
#7 | 104 days ago

#8 | 104 days ago

It's a Moral Imperative.
This one...  
#9 | 104 days ago

TV Quote not necessarily a movie one. 
This one...  
#10 | 104 days ago

Surely you can't be serious....I am serious...and don't call me Shirley

There's some times in life you have to sit back and say....WTF
#11 | 103 days ago

My brother reminded me of one I use a lot - "Stay gold, Ponyboy"
#12 | 103 days ago

Life's not fair is one I use a lot. . I sing a lot to them, may take me a minute to find the right lyrics, but i eventually do.
This one...  
#13 | 103 days ago

Nice hit, mama.  (during hockey/football seasons)--Waterboy

He was tryinta cast a spell on me, like a wizard or something.--Mr. Deeds
#14 | 103 days ago

My son played Riff Raff in Rocky Horrow Picture Show, so we all use the "Hellooo" that Riff Raff says when Brad and Janet go to the mansion.  It's so normal we don't even think about it any more.

Lately I've been using the "Ass-h*****le" from Meet the Parents A LOT.

Son and I also quite often do "Surely you can't be serious!" and the other answers "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"

My daughter has a habit of sitting on her bed, in the furthest corner away from the door as possible.  When I go to get her for supper, I, all too often according to her, say "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
#15 | 101 days ago

" I wouldn't do that if I were you, I'll make you famous" - Young Guns!

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