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F/E 5/09
Welcome back. This is the part of the locker room where you can sit and chat and chill for a while without offending or being shushed. Maybe you wanna watch a dvd or listen to your mp3. Yes, I rhymed. Something on your mind, post it! Random question, ask it? Hijacking is allowed and encouraged. Join the party, troll around, have a beer. It's cool. All are welcome, but please leave all BS in the hall. 

Hi. Hi again. I need more Stoney in my life. Your "I have to work and make this money and run my business" lifestyle is interfering with my "I'm at work but want to be entertained instead of working" one. Ugh. 
Went to nephew's baseball game last night. I swear fo gawd, I almost punched the ump in the face. F*** ass *^&#$@^(*#&. One mom burst through the gate on his ass, and we were all "ohhhh sh****t. lol. We got her out of there, relax. But I tell you right now, I'd be that parent on those video shows where everyone at home would be all "it's just a game, she's ooc" and then on my clip package I'd be all "bitches, you don't even know.... he deserved worse". 

Anyway, this song makes my day whenever I listen to it. so much love for it.
Also... sweatpants <3  <---it's rap music.
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