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2014 FIFA World Cup Poll
Scored by Scott on 07/13/14 at 05:38AM | Closed on 06/12/14 at 04:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer9 Fans 
  1. Which country WINS Group A? (3 points)
Correct78%a. Brazil
0%b. Croatia
22%c. Mexico
0%d. Cameroon
  2. Which country finishes 2nd in Group A? (3 points)
22%a. Brazil
0%b. Croatia
Correct78%c. Mexico
0%d. Cameroon
  3. Which country WINS Group B? (3 points)
89%a. Spain
Correct11%b. Netherlands
0%c. Chile
0%d. Australia
  4. Which country finishes 2nd in Group B? (3 points)
11%a. Spain
67%b. Netherlands
Correct11%c. Chile
11%d. Australia
  5. Which country WINS Group C? (3 points)
Correct67%a. Colombia
11%b. Greece
11%c. Ivory Coast
11%d. Japan
  6. Which country finishes 2nd in Group C? (3 points)
0%a. Colombia
Correct56%b. Greece
33%c. Ivory Coast
11%d. Japan
  7. Which country WINS Group D? (3 points)
33%a. Uruguay
Correct11%b. Costa Rica
44%c. England
11%d. Italy
  8. Which country finishes 2nd in Group D? (3 points)
Correct22%a. Uruguay
0%b. Costa Rica
11%c. England
67%d. Italy
  9. Which country WINS Group E? (3 points)
11%a. Switzerland
0%b. Ecuador
Correct78%c. France
11%d. Honduras
  10. Which country finishes 2nd in Group E? (3 points)
Correct22%a. Switzerland
33%b. Ecuador
0%c. France
44%d. Honduras
  11. Which country WINS Group F? (3 points)
Correct100%a. Argentina
0%b. Bosnia-Herzegovina
0%c. Iran
0%d. Nigeria
  12. Which country finishes 2nd in Group F (3 points)
0%a. Argentina
44%b. Bosnia-Heregovina
0%c. Iran
Correct56%d. Nigeria
  13. Which country WINS group G? (3 points)
Correct78%a. Germany
0%b. Portugal
0%c. Ghana
22%d. United States
  14. Which country finishes 2nd in Group G? (3 points)
11%a. Germany
67%b. Portugal
0%c. Ghana
Correct22%d. United States
  15. Which country WINS Group H? (3 points)
Correct67%a. Belgium
0%b. Algeria
33%c. Russia
0%d. South Korea
  16. Which country finishes 2nd in Group H? (3 points)
11%a. Belgium
Correct0%b. Algeria
33%c. Russia
56%d. South Korea
  17. Which country WINS the 2014 FIFA World Cup? (8 points)
22%a. Brazil
44%b. Spain
0%c. Argentina
Correct22%d. Germany
0%e. Mexico or Belgium
11%f. Netherlands or Portugal
0%g. England or Italy
0%h. Rest of the Field
  Tiebreaker: How many goals will the United States score during the 2014 World Cup
Correct 5

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