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giffy - june 9, 2014
i am going to start giving an award on the first weekday of the week to the person who best used a gif the previous week. this was inspired by me making breakfast and actually thinking about a particular gif and how it was used and i almost blew snot into my eggs. and i think that deserves an award.

best use of a gif for the short week of june 2-6, 2014 is........

kobe_lova. for this crap:

it was completely unwarranted and could even possibly be filed under sexual harrassment seeins how cali_kat was not "asking for it". not by her attire or super sexy pose, or what she had to say. awesome. full context can be enjoyed here.

good job, sista. keep up the good work everybody. i'll be judging you more than you know.

i don't know how to make this a poll. i guess maybe y'all can submit candidates for "bests?" OH! i know. the winner must give an acceptance speech and everyone else gets to make fun of you.
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1. giffy - june 9, 2014

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#1 | 72 days ago

It's not sexual harassment if no one tells!
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#1 | 72 days ago

It's not sexual harassment if no one tells!

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