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How fast do you think Bob Gibson's fastball was? (Edited 03/05/06 10:40PM by The Chief)
The fact is . . . in Bob's day there were no radar guns. There are people who faced him and swear to this day that he was the fastest EVER! Give me your number of how fast you think it was.
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102.6761. How fast do you think Bob Gibson's fastball was?

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#1 | 3161 days ago

(Edited by The Chief)
Bob was scary! Probably the MOST feared pitcher ever! People who faced him would talk about hearing the ball whistle or sizzle as it passed by! That's some freaky stuff! And if you havn't heard of the" St.Louis flu "in those days . . . that meant players were calling in sick when Bob's turn came in the rotation! His favorite spot to hit someone was in the ribs! I wish I could have watched him live instead of on ESPN Classic!
#2 | 3161 days ago

I know that Gibson was an intimidator and a great pitcher but I'm not sure if he had the best fastball of all time. I think that would be Nolan Ryan!
#3 | 3157 days ago

They altered the mound height because of him. 'Nuff said.
#4 | 3156 days ago

there's likely no way his fastball *averaged* three figures, but i'm sure he probably topped out within sniffing distance of Ryan's Express...Hoot did like to buzz them in high, too....which probably added a few psychosomatic MPH to his hardest stuff...
#5 | 3155 days ago

GREAT point!
#6 | 3141 days ago

but he can never be compared to the great Sidd Finch, who threw 150mph.....with MOVEMENT!!! bob gibson is still the only man to ever understand whatever the hell tim mccarver is talking about at any point in time: quite the accompishment: they won a couple of world series together, remember? gibson went on to lead a quite life back in nebraska, while mccarver has been responsible for more bad television announcing than anyone since bill russell.
#7 | 3098 days ago

Add Bill Walton to that bad announcing list....................
#8 | 3079 days ago

Gibson was without a doubt one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. That said, I think his fastball would have paled in comparison to Walter Johnson's--not that Gibby's fastball was chopped liver.
#9 | 1925 days ago

Go Angels
#10 | 1921 days ago

Angels begin another win streak.
#11 | 1921 days ago

Pavano will put the Angels into the "sin bin" LOL!!!
#12 | 1921 days ago

Go Angels beat the Indians
#13 | 1921 days ago

Angels are gonna win it

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