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Pick the All-Time Best Small Forwards
Pick the Top 5 players, based on your opinions of their overall game.     This should include total offense & defense, teamwork, being a 'winner', and any other intangibles.     In short, who would you want on your team!
| Closed on 03/13/08 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Rank33 FansAvg (1st)
1.Larry Bird4.3 (19)
2.Julius Erving3.7 (11)
3.Elgin Baylor1.7 (1)
4.Dominique Wilkins1.2
5.Scottie Pippen1.0 (1)
Also receiving votes:John Havlicek0.8
James Worthy0.7
Rick Barry0.4
Alex English0.3
Bernard King0.2
Chris Mullin0.2
Adrian Dantley0.2 (1)
Bobby Jones0.1
Z - Other0.1
Connie Hawkins0.0

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#1 | 2407 days ago

As Larry Legend said to the other players at the 3 point shooting contest, "Who's playing for second"?
1. Larry Bird  2. Julius Erving  3. John Havlicek  4. Rick Barry  5. Elgin Baylor  
#2 | 2387 days ago

Dr. J could fly like an eagle. He was the original slam dunk superstar and the most athletic player I ever saw on a basketball court.
1. Julius Erving  2. Elgin Baylor  3. Larry Bird  4. Dominique Wilkins  5. James Worthy  
#3 | 2379 days ago

Bird was great and one of the best players of all-time, but on this list he has to come 2nd to Dr. J.  No question.
1. Julius Erving  2. Larry Bird  3. Elgin Baylor  4. James Worthy  5. Scottie Pippen  
#4 | 958 days ago

     How did Worthy get on the list. Very good, but great? Very fortunate to play with Magic.
#5 | 958 days ago

     Barry and King over Wilkins. But not a bad list.
#6 | 958 days ago

 1. Larry Bird. 1a Elgin Baylor 3 John Havlicek 4 Rick Barry 5 Julius Erving 6 Bernard King ... the rest
#7 | 788 days ago

qtowndogg wrote:
Bird was great and one of the best players of all-time, but on this list he has to come 2nd to Dr. J.  No question.
Bird and Baylor gotta TOP the list. Neck and neck as top forwards of all time
#8 | 245 days ago

#9 | 245 days ago

#10 | 238 days ago

Inverness for the win!
#11 | 238 days ago

Let's Go Inverness!

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