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Who is a worse actor, Keanu Reeves or Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Edited 02/26/07 04:24PM by Seth)
I have said Freddie is just the next generation of Keanu, but counting Bill and Ted's, Keanu is up 1-0 in decent performances in my book. What do you think--who is worse?
| Closed on 03/18/07 at 05:00PM
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25%a. Keanu
75%b. Freddie

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#1 | 3103 days ago

My boy Keanu has come a long way since the days of Bill & Ted. Good looks AND good acting. What more can you ask for?
#2 | 3103 days ago

Sorry I misread the question. I obviously think Keanu is a better actor.
#3 | 3102 days ago

Freddie always seems like he's high
#4 | 3032 days ago

Aside from the Matrix, Keanu has been AMAZINGLY bad.

Oh wait...Freddie good movies. Never mind. Change my answer to Keanu.

There, FanFanFan, you and me even each other out.
#5 | 2951 days ago

who is freddie prince Jr.......???

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