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Who is the best running back in Iowa Hawkeye History?
News: (HawkeyeMKN) Iowa Hawkeye Football Record Book

| Closed on 12/31/06 at 05:00PM
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Teams:  Iowa Hawkeyes
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6%a. Albert Young
0%b. Bill Reichardt
5%c. Ed Podolak
13%d. Fred Russell
3%e. Kevin Harmon
10%f. Ladell Betts
1%g. Mike Saunders
4%h. Nick Bell
32%i. Nile Kinnick
1%j. Owen Gill
3%k. Rick Bayless
11%l. Ronnie Harmon
3%m. Sedrick Shaw
5%n. Tavian Banks
2%o. Tony Stewart

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#3 | 1850 days ago

Columbia Lions over the Edmonton Eskimos...
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#1 | 3128 days ago

A legend in every way, he seems to be to Iowa what Red Grange is to Illinois.
Nile Kinnick  
#2 | 2972 days ago

Many greats on that list.  Harmon was an unbelievable athlete...its very unfortunate that he threw the Rose Bowl.

Kinnick is one of the greatest of all time...on any list. 

Ronnie Harmon  
#3 | 1850 days ago

Columbia Lions over the Edmonton Eskimos...
#4 | 1847 days ago

we wil win
#5 | 1844 days ago

go and don't give up
#6 | 1844 days ago

I don't even know what this is?
#7 | 1841 days ago

How much more abuse can Pierce take? If he gets off the plane in Calgary he may have a serious concussion problem!

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