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Tailgating liquor of choice? (Edited 01/04/07 01:52PM by Seth)
| Closed on 01/11/07 at 05:00PM
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2%a. Aqua Velva
68%b. Beer
2%c. Bourbon
0%d. Gin
8%e. Vodka
2%f. Whiskey
3%g. Wine
16%h. Other

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#1 | 3062 days ago

EASY! bud light though
#2 | 3061 days ago

Again, I don't drink but when I did: I always had a couple of bottles of Glen Livet Scotch in the trunk with me for special occasions.
#3 | 3061 days ago

Peppermint shnapps in hot chocolate. So good for those cold games at Giants Stadium.
#4 | 3061 days ago

(Edited by BJ)
Captain Morgan rum. Take a bottle into Memorial Stadium, by the biggest coke, and pour out half in the john, and fill it up!
#5 | 3061 days ago

(Edited by BJ)
#6 | 3060 days ago

Goes great with a mullet!
Aqua Velva  
#7 | 3059 days ago
Scott N (+)

Less trips to the bathroom....drink 8 or 9 beers and you'll end up missing half the game
#8 | 3054 days ago

depends, if my family is comin up for a tailgate we usually have some other liqour choices, but nothin gets me ready for an ND game like a few beers early in the morning, even if theyre keystones
#9 | 3054 days ago

How did RUM not make it on that list?
#10 | 2945 days ago

(Edited by Seth)
Always beer, but we had a bottle of Old Grandad that we passed around before a Michigan game. We won that game so from then on before every game we almost always had a bottle of Old Grandad to drink.

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