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Most phenomenal athlete present day ?
Read the Article: Who is sports' most phenomenal athlete right now?

Phe-nom-e-nal   ath-lete : A person who possesses highly extraordinary natural or acquired traits necessary for physical exercise or sports, allowing them to perform at an exceptional level.

Any pro athlete can make the highlights.
The truly phenomenal athlete own the highlight shows.
as stated on

Phen  Criteria:

WoW factor          Athletic ability
Showmanship       Idolization

Always doing things that's unbelievable !!!!

Who really are the truly PHENOMENAL athletes in present day sports ????

Ty Ana Williams "The best to be"
| Closed on 04/30/08 at 11:00PM
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Teams:  Kobe Bryant
Players:  Lebron James | shaquille oneal
Team Breakout:
21 Fans 
0%a. Kobe Bryant NBA
48%b. Tiger Woods PGA
5%c. Ladainian Tomlinson NFL
0%d. Justin Hennin WTA
24%e. Lebron James NBA
0%f. Roger Federer ATP
0%g. S. Williams WTA
0%h. A Rod MLB
0%i. A Rod ATP
0%j. M. Wie LPGA
0%k. V. Williams WTA
10%l. None of them
10%m. All
0%n. I can make this list !
0%o. No Comment
5%p. What about ?

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#1 | 2365 days ago

I may have wasted the vote because he is not active today. Cal R[pken Jr. In all the categories mentioned he has achieved marks near the top. Defensively covers ground and makes the play. One of the best. Offensively ,hits with power mostly hits with authority. Clutch player offense or defense . The one you want to decide the outcome of the game. Not only play everyday ,but will lead every day. Not a competitor a hero. There are people who do it prettier some who do it as well . However none who do it better
What about ?  
#2 | 2364 days ago

Lebron James is a freak!
Lebron James NBA  
#3 | 2359 days ago

(Edited by ARM)
I like Allen Iverson because he's barely over 6'0" (165 lbs) and just couldn't squeeze more talent or athleticism out of a body than AI has.  Inch for inch the most talented player in the history of the NBA and possibly sports in general.
None of them  

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