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Worst superbowl quarterback starter (Edited 05/03/08 03:44PM by Seth)
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| Closed on 07/05/08 at 11:45PM
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Team Breakout:
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1%a. Joe Kapp (iv Vikings)
2%b. Craig Morton (v Cowboys, xii Broncos)
0%c. Billy Kilmer (vii Redskins)
2%d. Vince Ferragamo (xiv Rams)
5%e. David Woodley (xvii Dolphins)
9%f. Tony Eason (xx Patriots)
2%g. Stan Humphries (xxix Chargers)
7%h. Neil O' Donnell (xxx Steelers)
4%i. Chris Chandler (xxxii Falcons)
16%j. Trent Dilfer (xxxv Ravens)
5%k. Kerry Collins (xxx Giants)
1%l. Rich Gannon (xxxvii Raiders)
40%m. Rex Grossman (xli Bears)
5%n. Other: (Please List)

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